Ayesha Omar Could Marry Sheikh Rasheed

Ayesha Omar is more commonly known for her role as Khoobsurat in the sitcom Bulbulay. In fact Khoobsurat has become Ayesha’s identity even with the actress having a number of projects to her credit.

Ayesha Omar is a good actress but she’s a more established fashionista who knows how to keep up with all the latest trends.

Although Ayesha has not been involved in many controversies over the course of her career, the Karachi Se Lahore actress has made some fun statements.

In a recent interview Ayesha Omar stated that given the very dreary circumstances, she could marry Sheikh Rasheed.

“He’s entertaining, he has a good sense of humor and very lighthearted, I think I’ll pick Sheikh Rasheed,” Ayesha said in a fun tone.

Amongst other things Ayesha Omar also addressed the controversy about her pictures with Maria Wasti and how someone had extracted revenge on Maria by leaking their personal pictures.

Ayesha Omar also talked about her horrific accident narrating and demonstrating to the public, how her broken collarbone was still split in two pieces and that her one hand hung longer than the other one.

Ayesha Omar Could Marry Sheikh Rasheed

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