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Ayesha Omar Has No Clue Who Muneeb Butt is

Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman were invited as guests on HSY’s show Tonite With HSY. HSY has a segment in which he asks his celebrity guests to say something about fellow celebrities. HSY is the one who tells them a celebrity’s name and the guests share their views about that person.

This time around when HSY was doing this segment, something happened which has not happened before. When HSY asked Azfar Rehman to comment on Muneeb Butt, Ayesha Omar looked shocked to hear the name because she had not heard it before and she asked who this Munneb Butt was. She asked whether he was an actor and later on when HSY said that Muneeb Butt is Muneeb Butt then she remarked that she must have been living under a rock because she had no idea who this person was. She also asked HSY to show her a picture of Muneeb so that maybe she would be able to remember him. Azfar Rehman also said that Muneeb Butt should focus more on work than social media.

This was a very awkward moment perhaps not only for the guests and the host but also for the celebrity in question! We wonder if Muneeb Butt will have to say something regarding this since it is true that he is quite popular.