Ayesha Omer Speaks Up About The T-Shirt Controversy

When I wrote the post about the Little Miss Jihad T-Shirt which Ayesha Omer wore in Zindagi Gulzar Hai while many people supported me but there were also some who thought that talking about this issue was of no use because the celebrities don’t care. Well, guess what Ayesha Omer decided to tell her side of the story because the public decided to openly speak up against something that was completely unacceptable to them. It is good to know that our actors do care about the public opinion. Here is what Ayesha had to say:

It is very apparent that Ayesha wanted to change the shirt but the director and the rest of the team members thought it was only a “cartoon” so there was nothing wrong with wearing it. In a way Ayesha Omer is blaming the seniors on the set who should have known better.

The few lines in the end suggest that Ayesha is very annoyed with people who used abusive language against her and thinks that they should judge themselves as well.

Share your views about this. I think the matter is resolved now and the actors and crew will be more careful in the future.



  • hussain

    i do agree with ayesha!

    • Falak

      hu wt is this ? is she such a minor who doesnt understand what is she wearing and wt msg it may convey or wt one should be aware of while coming on media where millions watch her/him…. little miss jihad….seems an OK statement but everyone knows (at least of her age ) that non muslim world is using this word'jihad or jihadi' so sarcastically in order to ridicule jihad/mujahid …… anyway miss ayesha might not be knowing whom she s following………:) Little Miss Jihad

    • Palwasha

      We idiot Pakistanis poke religion in every thing. In the drama the characters are to wear the dresses or behave in a manner to depict the character’s nature. Ayesha wore the T-shirt to portray the thinking of our elite class about religion. Have we forgotten the drama ” Khuda or Mohabat” the character of Firdous Jamal demanded to talk against religious people but it does not mean that in real life Firdous ia anti Islam.

      If wear that T-shirt in her home and it gifted by her friends then this clearly shows the religious values of elite class in general, if everybody.

  • Sadaf H

    It was stupid . I hated it. BUT ITS OVER move on people.

  • Asma

    AAyesha had been seen in pics wearing bikni as well. . I think its her personal matter of what she wears but still we are Islamic republic. . But these ppl dont care. .

    • komal

      a lot of those pics cry photoshop…..

    • Ash

      Humari tarf sa beshak kuch b na pahny hun nai bolain ga but atleast galt cheezain promote na kry

  • zohaib kori

    mUjhe lagta he es cheez se zada hame es cheez pe goorkarna chahiye ke jo log jihaad ke naam pe musjidon or imaam burgha main bOom phare ja rahein hein Un ke gOor karin jen main :'( bechare masoom log mare ja rahein hain jen ke ghar roshne ke diya bhojah diya gaya tO plZZ … plZZZ… islaam ka es se zada nAAm kharaab ho reha he… ke jehaan kehan boob phute rahe he .. !!! hUm us ke umate hain jes ne her galte maaf karne ka durs diya ..!! i luv my prophet <3

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      hahahahhaa! Islami bhai saheb. Agar 'boob'' phat tay hein tau kia ayesha omar ki shirt reason hei? Immature morons!

  • kiran butt

    agree with aysha..

  • husain nasir

    No sane person will encourage killing of any kind. None should use abusive language,Understand that words like Jihad carry deep meaning for most …the T shirt , a gift, was made in another country where fun is made of Islam. What you wear at home this T shirt or a bikini as pointed above is your right . In public, we should abide by the social norms HERE. Especially public figures– actors/ polticians/sportsmen and sportswomen! have an image and following, so should be more careful. The Lux style award ceremony was criticized for the same reason when favorite stars dressed as if they were from Hollywood at the Oscars

  • saad

    y she wearing tht shirt…..leave all

  • good to hear that ayesha omar do care about the islamic beliefs and respect them. But overall, the clothing of liberals shown in the drama ZGH should be taken care of.

  • Mushtaq Hussain Azad

    i am with u Ayesha,,,,,dnt pay attention towards Hypocrates

  • Guest

    She's asking us to follow the religion and open the Quran and read it with translation. She should do this before telling others. Before giving examples about religion, one should look at themselves first, and fix their own flaws before telling everyone else

    • Asiya

      You are wrong…she's telling us a gud thing nd its not necessary to fix the flaws nd then tell anything good to others…and the second point is…that how do you know that she reads the quraan or not???? or she follows the religion or not???? we dnt know what others are up to nd how religious they are!!!!

  • Amy RockXen

    Miss Ayesha Omer dont you knw what Jihad exactly means ? i clearly condamn that no 1 hv right to abuse others but i would like to appreciate u the way u taunt us. I think u need to learn about Islam b4 u teach any1

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      Annnnd you seriously need to brush up on your english!

  • hanu

    okay aisha next time you should be careful

  • ~ DPM ~

    Lady than You should Know before you Wear…
    Its very hard words with a bad pic… 🙂

  • ana

    May Allah Almighty give all muslim men and women true sense and understanding of religion.

  • Rizwan e Alam

    Don't you think guys its more than being childish what she said??? She bloody thinks people gonna believe what she said and yeah sorry to say she's been succeeded in her aim as i've seen many of you guys agreeing with her!
    She ain't a kid and do you guys wear any shirt without seeing what is written on it??? and you all know when you buy or wear some t shirt the very first glance you have is over what is written on the front!!! dramay baaz log aur tum doob jao in k dramay bazi main!
    Bacho in logon ki baton main aanay se Khuda ka khauf karo kuch please!!!

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      Hahahahah. Immature God Fearing Wannabe! Apko itna khuda ka khauf hei tau aap drama kyun dekhte hein bhai saab? Apko tau masjid mein nai hona chahye ya ghar pe ibadat mein kahin busy hona chahye nai? Aik tau aap dekhtay hein phir aap complain kartay hein?
      Whats that? Oh yeah its Hypocrisy calling your name!

  • Warda

    I agree that celebrities should think about whats being portrayed to the audience and also Ayesha has a point.
    90% of our population only criticizes and then abuses but when it comes to their own selves they think they are on the right path. We all should really Follow Islam for what its worth and not to just make it a guideline for others to correct themselves. We all need to correct our actions first. Lead by Example!

  • abby

    Ayesha Omar, you seem like a smart and educated woman. I believe we all have the right to express ourselves through our clothing. However, we should take a look at the mirror before stepping out of our homes especially an actress like you who I am sure gets a lot of public attention, to see if we are wearing something that might offend someone else (esp if you are wearing logo tees to shoot an episode of a popular drama). I am a Pakistani American (born and raised in the US). The word 'JIHAD' is a very sensitive word and should be used and expressed with extreme care especially by us PAKISTANIs whether we live in the US or Pakistan. We are under the radar and all over in the media for this very word. We are already generalized as being ' terrorists and jihadists' so we need to take extra care as to what we wear and what we say. You admitted that you made a mistake and that is understandable, however you should not blame your seniors and directors. WE SHOULD ALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS.

    • miss

      mistakes har aik say ho jate hain…usnay sorry bol to dia hay ..ab ayse baten na kren to acha hay….

      • amna

        Tou aur kya……usk amal……uski btn uski harkhtian usk 7 aur ALLAH janay k kya hona chaiye usk 7….
        Pichay ni par jana chaiye……..

      • Baber

        sorry bol dia pr beech mein chawlain b mari hain… bachi ban rahi hai aur kehti hai mera koi qasor nai, director ka kasoor hai… jinhon ne us pe ungli uthai unko b bura bhala bol rahi hai… aise sorry ka achar dalna hai? sharmandgi to nazar nai aa rahi us k sorry mein

        • maliha

          aap bilkul sahi keh rahe hain isse museebat hi hogae sorry kehte hue,bas sorry kehti aur chup krti agge aur chawlian mareen iss ne.

    • Maha

      Very well said Abby.

  • sana usman

    its alrite if ayesha ws unaware bt b carful the next time

  • waqas

    ''Young person''

  • Muslim Pashtoon

    yaar kia kachra jama hogya hey Pakistan mey.. lagta hey yeh azaad mulk isi kachrey ki lye hi chahye ta.. hum dhokey mey in ghatya logo k saat hogaye warna aaj tak yeh ghalazat ghulami ki zindagi guzarti rehti 🙁

  • Maha

    I am surprised that Ayesha didn,t know what is writtten on the T.Shirt !!! Not good enough excuse..

    • Khan

      you are absolutely ri8 i think so

  • ash

    itni nanhi kaki bunn gae

  • sana zafar

    i think if ayesha has accepted her mistake and has said that she would b careful next time then thats all… this is wat our criticism was meant for …. hme sirf buraai ko bura kehna chahye so jo ghalat kam ayesha s hua ayesha is ready to change herself by being pretty careful next time… baki ayesha k apnay aamaal us k sath.. we r not supposed to judge anybody..dilon k haal tau Allah janta hai faisla bhi wohi kray ga inshaAllah

    • amna

      bilkhul sahi sana……app bilkhul sahi keh rahian hain..

  • emaan

    AT least educated people should have an idea of wearing such costume,,, what does it mean,,, like Veena , writing ISI ,and she says no I dont know, what a hell is with their eyes, are they illetrate, dont know what does this writing mean,,,,

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      And an educated person would surely know how to spell 'illetrate" wouldn't they? Idiot.

  • kanwal ashiq

    tanyia baat gali diye bgair b ki ja skti hy or jo aap talibaan ko bech mein ley i hu tu shot tu unko apko b kr dayna chahiye bcs pf ur lose langauge

    • Asiya

      haha….:p well said kanwal!!! i agree with u…:)

      • kanwal ashiq


  • kanwal ashiq

    its ok ayesha

  • Xeeshan

    Ayesha aap apna name change katdain bus itnaa motabar or aala name ap par suite nhi karta

    • Khan

      u r ri8

    • glasgirl

      mara jahiloo..kya usk pechay par gey ho sory bol diya na…ab usko maar k raho gey…acha hai pakistan k itny halahat kharab hain tm log esi haal k kabil ho….kch apny uper b nazar dalu…

  • a muslim woman

    seriously guys please dont get offended or judge me or abuse me but can any one of you explain in nice and polite muslim way what is wrong with miss little jehadi?? doesnt it mean choti si jiddojahad karne wali larki? i am just asking about that particular slogan not ayesha as a person..

    • hareem

      no… jehad does not have anything to do with jaddojehed…..it is an islamic term which means "fighting for religion"

    • FAJAR

      you haven't understood the problem. First of all i must tell you that JIHAD doesn't mean jaidojehad it means giving ur life for your GOD. The problem is that when it said little miss jihad there was a small cartoon drawn there, a girl with scarf on head and bomb at the back, which is related with terrorism. In fact Jihad is a very sacred concept of islam and it shouldn't be related with dirty concepts like terrorism… or any other.
      I hope u got the point…

      • a muslim woman

        Thank you Fajar.. I didnt know about the cartoon.. that was rude and in v bad taste..
        Apart from this I checked online for the meaning of Jihad and thats what i found..
        " Jihad has the literal meaning of exerting our best and greatest effort to achieve something. It is not the equivalent of war, for which the Arabic word is qital. Jihad has a much wider connotation and embraces every kind of striving in God’s cause. A mujahid is one who is sincerely devoted to his or her cause; who uses all physical, intellectual, and spiritual resources to serve it; who confront any power that stands in its way; and, when necessary, dies for this cause. Jihad in the way of God is our struggle to win God’s good pleasure, to establish His religion’s supremacy, and to make His Word prevail."
        I am not on any one's side i am asking just for my knowledge

        • Raza Khan

          But you are mistaking the lafzi meaning and the Shari' meaning.
          Jihad in a lafzi sense means struggle.
          However all renowned scholars of Islam will tell you that the Shari' meaning is the physical struggle(Islam dictates military struggle here) in making Allah's word the highest, ie working to implement Allah's laws and system of Khilafat.
          I hope that makes sense.

    • Unknown

      Exactly there's nothing wrong with, but everything has their principals u go to school get dressed properly why ? I don't think her appearance shows from from any side that it was something related to jihad what do u think sister ?may Allah forgive me if I'm wrong

  • hareem

    is she telling us to do this??what if we ask you the same ayesha omer, what you've written in the last lines of your message …… "is this Islam??look at your ownself and read holy quran with translation to find out how to be good muslims" ,i never judge people of my own, i leave everything to ALLAH as he's the best judge …. but i couldn't resist laughing while reading the last lines of her message ….. i have no right to judge any person of my own but i certainly know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong….and on this basis i can do nothing else but feel pity for her, for what she's gathering for the world hereafter!!!

    • noone

      I agree with u…………

  • Mariam

    koi namaz shamaz parho ja kar! dont you guys have anything better to do?? why are you making such a big issue over a stupid tshirt? are you guys crazy? look at whats happening to our country and how women are treated and how our leaders are crushing us and how we are killing each other in the name of religion! go protest on that and leave the poor girl alone!!!!

    • amna

      gud mariyum……

  • Farina

    Well i have been reading all the comments, why the fuss?? move on guys. thats just a T-Shirt which infect I like alot. If you can tell me ayesha from where your friend bought it? the point is that if something is in practice people don't discuss it much. As far as Islam concern, it's way way big religion in which this T-shirt has no place so those who are angry… cool down, there are many things to concern in our society and Islamic republic then this little T-Shirt.

    • amna

      I agree with U dear farina…..they all shuld move on……

    • Humaira

      Exactly! Did you all know the real meaning of Jihad? To keep learning and keep making yourself a better person- Jihad of the soul. Real Jihad is promoting peace in society no violence and to be kind, respectful. Unfortunatley real Islam has been hijacked by extremists who are giving BAD & WRONG meaning of Islam. The Mullah are the ones giving wrong image of Islam and misleading people. Ayesha Omar has never condemned or killed someone!

  • naaz

    I think her message is very insulting. She is not really recognizing her mistake (firstly blaming her elders and secondly saying, IF you still think I am to blame, meaning she doesn't think she's at fault). On top of that, she has the audacity to say some really stupid things, in my humble opinion. "I love my religion and wish you all did too". What? Your audience doesn't love their relgion? "We can't insult and abuse others, like most of you do". What? Most of your audience insults and abuses others? Seriously, I think she should have had some PR firm check her message because I find it to be as offensive as her shirt.

    • Baber

      totally agreed with you naaz… me too found it very offensive and with alot of attitude

  • Mishi

    I agree with her, abusing or shouting like Jahiil on others is not real Islam. Islam teach to respect and to talk in polite way. That is the reason why western society is taking advantage of blaming muslims. I am France born pakistani , and alhamdulillah follow and practice Islam … and I never abuse anyone , even if they are making fun of Islam…my weapon is to communicate with sabar and show my Tolerance !!!!

    • Khan

      my dear mishi i think you don't know that Jihhad is one of the five Pillars of Islam

      • Khan

        so sory tora jazbati ho gaya Jihhad is not among the five pillars of Islam but its values has proven from QURAN

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      I totally believe you – NOT. Btw it's FRENCH born not france born so atleast lie with honor – Non? J'espère que vous comprenez. I'm BRITISH born btw. NOT britain born *eyes roll and fall to the ground*

  • uzma

    Leave what has happened before atleast she did care to say or apology for what she has done knowingly or unknowingly but i am glade NOW she will surely understand what A WOMAN has been asked to wear if she has READ Quran with TRANSLATION . Quran doesnt just ask people to not criticize others and not say ill to other , it also teaches MUSLIM woman how to dress up. So please Ayesha not only care what has been written on your dress but also dress up in the way we can watch with family.

  • Madz

    its not an issue…..there are bigger issues in this world…let her wear her t shirt….honestly i saw it too and it was no big deal…its from mr. men a cartoon and book series i used to watch growing up and plus her hair was covering most of the shirt….people really must have looked closely to see what the shirt said……

    • Baber

      hum saday log yehi samajhtay rehte hain k ye chotay chotay maamlay issues nahin hain.. saday jo huway… pani k 1 katray se kuch nai hota right?
      janab inhi chotay chotay acts se enemies ko mauqa milta hai k wo kuch bara kaein, jis se poori dunia k musalman hil jayen… agar chotay blunders hum na marein to wo baray blunders b nai marenge…. if u understand what i mean… door ki socha karo bhai

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      Agreed! People actually saw beyond the hair which is funny itself cuz they come here complaining about religion and islam when there are people dying of hunger and poverty. If you are so concerned with the 'musalmaa' then stop watching tv baby and focus on whatever business is yours cuz someone else's business is def not your concern.

  • aina syeda

    زندگی گلزار ہے " کی ٹیم کو " LITTLE MISS JIHAD T-shirt
    پر " معا فی " کے لیے مجبور کر نے والے ڈرامہ فینز کو چا ہیے کہ ان " جہادیوں " سے معا فی کا مطا لبہ کریں جنہوں نے جھا د جیسے اسلامی فرض کو مذاق
    بنا یا ہے ! معا فی وہ ما نگیں جنہوں نے جھا د کے نام پر بو ڑ ھوں ، بچوں ، عو رتوں ، مزا روں ، با زاروں ، اسکولوں ،مسجدوں اور اما م بارگاہوں پر حملے کر کے جھا د کو بے عزت اور بے تو قیر کیا اور دنیا کو مو قع دیا کہ اسلا م اور جھا د کا مذاق ا ڑ ا ے

    • marry

      hopefully u have seen recently terrorist killed in a search operation on Peshawar airport. you get now who is using the name of jihad , who is TTP, who is terrorists…. tattoos on back .. uncircumcised males …

  • uzma

    And i really request Actors to not bring Islam or Quran in every matter when you yourself are not practicing it properly . I didnt read anywhere that woman is allowed to even show her hair to men , anyways you will be answerable for your deeds at the same time you should also not say people anything (like you said in your last lines) , blaming them or giving reference to Quran , because YOU are Public figure thay are not ( tough people should criticize with good manners not by abusing) . Fame comes with Price.

  • Waqas

    4give her yar cumon… uski mistake thi us ne sorry bol diya so leave it now n move 4ward

  • kkS

    i think Ayesha Omer should accept responsibility for her actions instead of blaming it on the the director and the team. IMO director does not have only one character to look after, so she might not have noticed what the tshirt said. Ayesha should have used her own good judgement.

    and i do not think that it is ok for people to use abusive language towards her, it is inappropriate and a reflection on the person

  • Qudsia

    I am sorry Saud, not agree with your last paragraph views, all these crew people, directors or producers of channels or Hum TV know very well the sensitivity of Religion. But they did it delibrately because they know that Hum TV has been watched through satellite or Youtube and they want to show the world, see we as Pakistani muslims even being so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan now no more care about our religion or religious feelings, openly make fun of it. So we are given them this message that even if you make movies or writing bad about our religion or Beloved Prophet (SAW), just carry on. I am sure and have believe that our Govt. PEMRA are all behind this game just to show the world that how "Enlightened Roshan Khiyal" we are, unfortuately, Musharraf legacy still exists in Pakistan even after he left.

    • Baber

      unfortunately Qudsia… i also dont agree to your last 2 lines, specially about musharraf. he never said or did anything like this to insult our own religion or did this kind of childish acts… Ayesha omer is totally wrong and blaming on others… but dont measure everything with the same foot

      • maliha

        musharraf is the one who started all this mess in our country…oos ne toh yeh bhi kaha tha k agar koi galat kapre pehnti hai aurat toh aap apni ankhein band kar lein,sar par sharaab rakh keh aurton ke saath dance karta tha, and believe me these are not baseless statements..iss liye sahi keh rahi hain Qudsia

  • kkS

    i think Ayesha Omer should accept responsibility for her actions instead of blaming it on the the director and the team. IMO director does not have only one character to look after, so she might not have noticed what the tshirt said. Ayesha should have used her own good judgement.

    and i dont think it is okay for people to use abusive language towards her, its inappropriate and a`reflection on the person.

    • Humaira

      Good! May I add: Did you all know the real meaning of Jihad? To keep learning and keep making yourself a better person- Jihad of the soul. Real Jihad is promoting peace in society no violence and to be kind, respectful. Unfortunatley real Islam has been hijacked by extremists who are giving BAD & WRONG meaning of Islam. The Mullah are the ones giving wrong image of Islam and misleading people. Ayesha Omar has never condemned or killed someone!

  • Abbas

    wearing a caption tshirt without knowing its meaning is simply pathetic and ridiculous. I dont thnk Ayesha is innocent to that extent. people at this level are representatives of whole nation. shame on you Ayesha.

  • ms ali

    i must say u all have lots of stupid waila time on ur hands.live nd let live..hum sab ne Allah ke pas jaana hai Allah humsab se humare amal ke bare me ppoche ga aour aap sab waile logon ka to pehle pooche ga jinnhein doosro ke uper kecher uchalne ke allawa kuch nahi ata….its just i shirt i saw it too i did not like it either but i let it go as its her life….she can wear whatever she wants…and miss taniya u r the rudest person i have come across stop giving galis..it just shows u have not been given good moral training by ur mom…

    • Baber

      o bhai what is moral training? only to talk politely is moral? nothing else…
      religion is everything, your way of life, your language, your accent, your ikhlaq, your dress, your attitude… and u and other self centered ppl like u just want to do whatever they want so that you are fully free and nobody should stop anyone… what rubbish

    • E.F

      very true ms. ali. I 200 percent agree with u. grow up guys and move on. stop talking on such little things. correct urself. dusron ki ghaltion ko highlight kerna is also not a part of our religion. our nation can never improve bcoz our mentality is restricted on such things. stop wasting ur time on such debated and get on ur foot to show u r realy good muslims good human beings and good pakistanis.

  • gafd

    she constantly said "you all do" "you all do" shes trying make herself look good by saying shit to us in a way

  • maliha

    young toh hum bhi hain par patta hai k kya sahi hai aur kya galat,pata tha isse k shooting par ja rahi hai aur thori offensive bhi hai shirt toh koi aur 'comfortable' si pehan leti…gussa hi charha hua tha isse end mein,museebat hi ho gae sorry kehte hue isse

    • FAIZA

      U R RIGHT

  • Zahra MIrza

    Ohkay, well firstly I will highlight something else that is sensitive too & that is Ayesha Omar's picture used for a thumbnail for this article. We all have seen the previous article about how she hurt the sentiments of us all but what is being done now? Was that particular picture necessary to be used for the article's thumbnail? I believe there must've been a lot of other pictures as well because by showing such sort of picture you are involving yourself as well as others in Gunnah too. I know many people would say that she wears such stuff, I do agree that she wears but when it is in our hands to choose the picture for the article why can't we choose a decent one? Or was this one used to attract more readers because I noticed it too. I guess you could've used the same picture of that article "Li'l Ms. Jihad" because the responsibility as a writer lies on you as well my friend to stay within the limits & boundaries. We can easily talk about boundaries & limits for others but when it comes to us we treat it as just any other nominal detail but excuse me for saying this, your choice of picture is completely inappropriate.

    As far as her statements are concerned, she is just trying to sweet-talk her way out of the mess she has created. Being in the media for so long & having so much experience; still she hasn't understood the sentiments of her viewers is amusing. She knows she belongs to the Pakistani industry & people will notice what is controversial, so why ignore that fact & now unleash your anger on the audience? Anyways, May Allah bless her with Hidayah & I hope next time you choose a little decent picture for your article. Thanks.

    • Saud

      Zahra Mirza are you the same person who watched the entire Miss Veet competition and then wrote a very “explicit” article on it , sharing every detail from the girls’ dressing to how the judges checked them out? Did the gunnah factor walk out of the door when you watched that show? You had the option of closing the youtube window after 5 minutes but you did not, can i ask why? I am sure that many people who had not watched the Veet show, watched it after reading your article out of curiousity, so thank you for adding to the gunnah there too. Yes Ayesha wears such outfits all the time on channels that we see normally, in morning shows etc, this in no way is something brand new or something that you, me or someone else has never seen. We all do things to attract the readers, you write articles on controversial programmes, don’t you? I was surprised when no one questioned you why you watched the entire programme in the first place. I know what these programmes are like and don’t watch them. May Allah give you Hidayah too so that next time you are not tempted to watch programmes like Miss Veet Competiiton. God Bless You:)

      • Zahra MIrza

        Well who said that I saw the whole competition? I did mention it quite clearly that I just saw a few minutes of the auditions & that's it. I didn't impose it on any one neither did I force any one to go & watch them. I am definitely not accountable for what others did out of sheer curiosity & all those who commented even though have seen the program commented in the favour of whatever I had written because I condemn it & I condemn this choice of a picture too. Yes, like I mentioned & I knew this would be coming up that she chooses to wear such stuff but I have seen a lot of pictures of her in proper shalwar kameez too so why use such a picture? Pity you're defending your wrong choice & comparing to my choice of article & can you please elaborate the explicit details I've mentioned? & I have my hidayat intact & I know what I choose to see & what not.

        • Zahra MIrza

          & before praying for other's Hidayat please make a dua for yourself first because if she chooses to wear such a shirt, you've justified her nature & personality more by putting up such a picture. When she can go around looking like this she has no hesitation in wearing a shirt like Miss Hijad too. I'm amused that on one hand you mention 'religion is nothing to be made fun of' & on the other hand just for the sake of a nominal article you're making so much of an effort to pick up an inappropriate picture, saving it & uploading it at such a forum where it can not go unnoticed by any user because you want to add fuel to the fire hah. & FYI for you to see her in such an attire is a gunnah on your part too.

          • Saud

            I would love to stay here and argue with you but I really don't have the time of the day.

          • AnnieD

            I agree with you Saud. I see miss Mirza's argument invalid. In fact, to pray for anyone or one's own self hidayat is the best one can ask for .. Agla isko apni beizzati samjhay tou usko Allah waqai hidayat de.

          • Zahra Mirza

            Oh so you're perfectly fine by seeing someone choose such an indecent picture just to fish for the readers? LOL! & kindly make your hidayah point clear because your comment doesn't look less than a riddle. Sab ko sab hidayat ki dua dene a jatay hain jabke khud appni pocket check nahi karte k apne pass hai bhi ya nahi? I stand by what I have said that to choose such a picture was unnecessary. PERIOD!

          • emo148

            My dear saud no one beat girls in arguing……..!!!

          • zara omer

            hahaha such a funny argument …i think uski niqaab mai picture lagani thi..lol waisey tv dekhna bhi tau gunah hai tau kioo dekhti ho aur is website per kio aati ho?
            aajkal jo log thora buhat islam ke mutabiq chaltey hai woh samjahtey hai unho ne jannat ka ticket katwa lia hai aur sab ko criticize aur judge kernay ka theka bhi…koi unko samjhai ke ikhlaq,non agressive behaviour, tolerance bhi Islam ka bara hissa hai…
            humai kia pata ke Ayesha Omer ke dil mai kitna emaan hai..hosakta hai usko hidayat mile aur kal ya next yr ya life mai kbhi bhi woh sab kuch chor ke hum sab se behtar musalman ban jaye.. humarey saamney misaal Junaid jamshed ki hai…Allah tau ghafoor raheem hai sab ki galtio ko maaf kerney wala hai phir hum kon hai…

          • Zahra Mirza

            Well Zara Omer your comment in itself is so contradicting. Aur jahan tak appko ye lagta hai k shayad Ayesha Omer ko hidayat mil jaye I agree with it completely to phir ye msg app usay dain jiss ne is controversy pe 2 articles publish kiye hain. Ye keh k appne khud clear kar diya k what she wore does not represent her innerself & you've exactly even in negation justified my point too k whatever she wears us se hamain kuch nahi hona chahiye but haan ye hamara kaam hai k decent pic choose karain sirf aur agg bharkanay k liye ye sab karnay ka koi faida nahi.

            & as far as aggar mere liye Tv dekhna gunnah hai to my dear friend apke liye bhi utna hi gunnah hai, so please practice what you preach first. Yahan kisi ne koi theka nahi liya hua judge karne ka, infact appka comment is judgemental based on many contradictions within itself.

          • Mrs Asim

            larki ,tum larti acha ho;) yes I also noticed this pic n was wondering k if he put this pic to prove that what she is saying is wrong? lkain article prh k aisa laga b nahi k mr saud is proving her wrong. u r right

          • Zahra Mirza

            Wohi na, jab dekh liya k sab Ayesha Omar pe ghussa hain aur uske khilaaf hain to agg mai aur tail chirakne k liye aisi pic laga di k log us k upper aur personal comments karain aur logon ne kiya bhi actually. I personally do not like her or her dressing but yes I have a problem with this picture k is ki koi zaroorat nahi thi. & mai larh nahi rahi I swear mai sirf appna point through kar rahi hoon jo k kafi logon ko samajh nahi aya aur sab appne perspective se usay interpret kar rahay hain. 🙂

          • FatimaAwan

            Zahra take a chillpill;) Stop arguing guys, let’s not play team Zahra and team Saud:)

          • SALMAN

            mujhe tu yeh Saud sahab samajh he nahe aaye pehle article likh kar issue ko highlight kartay hain jis ko mai nay bht appreciation ke nigah say daikha uss k baad mohtarma k favor mai utar aatay hain bhai yeh log sirf paisa daikhtay hain inn ka deen inn ke qoum bus paisa hai aur paisay k liye yeh naam neha muslaman aur actors kuch bhe kar sakte hain

          • Mrs Asim

            oh refree is here:) miss u Fatima:)

          • Zahra Mirza

            LOL! Thank you Fatima. 🙂 I am mostly loling while reading & commenting but the right emotions do not get through online. I only had a problem where people started hitting personally. I didn't do that nor it was my intention so why hit me with personal comments? Anyways, it's all good. & those who claim that I have a free time should re-check that about themselves too, butting into someone else's conversation really shows how BUSY they themselves are as well.

          • zara

            u r weird Zahra…arsl khan ko tau baksh deti..

          • Arsl Khan

            Oh Zahra you just have too much time at your hands…do something useful with it rather then trying to justify, please, or prove to everyone how right your opinion is. Drama and then going at lenghts to consistently debate about its related issues all just seems such a waste of a persons important time anyway! Look around there are so many challenges we can actually do something about by taking an action instead of arguing about them on a drama review site.
            Look at some people who are crying out loud for more then your words.

          • Mrs Asim

            ooo i was just kidding u, i know u were not fighting n i understand how one feels when others r not getting one's point, many disliked my comment on miss jihad article;)

      • Nida

        bhai problem uski dressing se nahi hai … usne excuse k sath ju lecture diya hai .. mujhay tu u spe problem hai Quran parhain tarjuma parhain … islam ko samjhain apne gareban me jhankain … tu khud kia karti phir rahi hia wo??? is qadar fazool dressing??? quran ka tarjuma pahlay khud tu samajh k parhay phir oron ko naseehat karay

        • Asiya

          Nida its not necessary kay pehlay app khud apnay app ko theek kero phir dusron ko koe naseehat kero….jbb bhi apko koe achi baat pta chalay tou usko foran aagay kero….aisa na ho kay waqt guzar jaye….Allah Ta'aala k haan unn logon ki sakhat pakar hogi jinhon ne aik achi aur kaam ki baat pta honay k ba' wajuud bhi ussko aagay na kia..so u r wrong at this point sis!!!!

    • Sumbal

      well im shocked Zahra inspite of admiting his mistake he simply raised finger towards u,this is the easiest thing that one can do huh!!!!! i did read that article of urs and it was clearly mentioned that u saw 1st episode!! by the way even after reading that article n all the comments i was not tempted to watch it 🙂 u explained quite well what was inside that!!!

      • Zahra Mirza

        Exactly! Isn't it easy to just target someone else in stead of admitting your own mistake? & the level he stooped to just to get some readers, I find him no different than Ayesha Omar.

  • umara sarfraz

    ya i agree with aysha omer and she must be forgiven bcz it was a mistake committed unintentionally….people must not use abusive language against a woman bcz its against the spirit of islam and does not convey a positive msg to others…

  • faiza

    all i can say is that she is not a toddler any more to be told what's right or what's wrong all the time… she is a grown up and MUST BEHAVE LIKE ONE.. she mentioned that everyone should read Holy Quran with translation, has she ever done it herself?? that is so obvious that she has never… otherwise she would have known that every ADULT Muslim is responsible for him/her acts.. Allah won't except such lame apologies from adults.. May Allah guide us all to the light and forgive us, amin!!

  • komal

    stop making such a big deal out of just a t-shirt…..i dont blame ayesha for it…..it was the directors job and anyways she has said sorry so now atleast stop making a mountain out of a mole hill……express ur opnion bunt dont abuse others for god sake…….Islam doesnot teach us to ridicule and disrespect opinions of others…..instead of pinpointing at others we all should see and fix ourselves first…..phir shayid kabhi Pakistan ka haal theek ho….

  • sara

    d always over reacting ppl of pakistan arent gonna stop even now.. dey must b sad dat shes apologized n d controversy didnt continue.. wat can i say, may Allah guide us all..
    n lets just sit back n enjoy d serial rather than finding controversaries like always plz ppl

  • Aheelam

    Exactly.choosing to wear that stereotypic shirt was entirely wrong-that's unanimously being agreed upon.
    But the important point is if we don't condemn the judgmental and abusive comments on fb attacking her,it would be unfair.
    Fortunately ,Now that she has apologised there's no point of discussing it further.

  • Aysha

    zindagi mein our bahut se masle hein ,,,leave it

  • shayanahmed

    zidagi me bohut kuch galat hojata hai baaz chez us waqt zahain me nahe ate us ne galat kiya aur kasoor puri team ka tha mager ab extreamly sorry k baad is issue ko end ker daina chahey pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • mona

      mera be yahee khayaal he k khatam ho jani chahiye baat. lekin kuch wele log bethay hain. aur zid pe hain k ayesha jee un k qadmon me gir k un se maafi maangain…. let them do there thing

  • khalidagi2

    muaaf kia aaenda khayal rahy

  • pakistani

    She is totally failed in conveincing. A very lame excuse. How can a person not see whats written or drawn on the tshirt. And I think she is mature enough to comprehend the picture shown on it. This would not be the only shirt that would be soft and comfortable.

  • umm eshal

    to all my sentimental muslim brother n sisters Assalamoalaikum……First of all let me ask u all what does JIHAD means if u know ull definitely wont say any thing against aisha

  • khunsa

    she just made a statement to quit the controversy .. how can an up-to-date modern n fashionable actress don't know if she is wearing a cartoon character shirt or illustrated message .. how she ignored the message written on it even if she is gifted.. of-course channel n director are all responsible too cz its on-aired because of their negligence .. on her comment that ppl using abusive stuff she is ryt they are wrong .. but she is more culprit of abusing religion in negligence than those.. ALLAH is the best judge n HE will surely justify everything well here in world n also life after death.. lies n excuses here can't remove what she did if she is sorry in heart its between her n ALLAH if her sorry is accepted or nt

  • mahia

    had hogae ap media p ate ha ap ko or director ko khayal rkhna chaye tha is bare me………………………….. waisy bhe dushman anasir ko moqa chaye hota h in sb chezon ka

  • samreen

    i myself watched that episode and saw tht shirt she was wearing it does made me feel a bit strange tht time why she is wearing such a tshirt with a message like tht dont she know what she is wearing..now she is saying tht its not my fault i dont agree..we dont wear anything without seeing it..what i feel she doesnt felt wrong wearing tht shirt..such messages should not be aired like tht it hurts sentiments of many….

  • B.N

    I don't understand her views at all :S how come she doesn't know about Jihad lol a very LAME APOLOGY :S

  • Mady

    oh come on guys..ap logon k pas is k elawa aur kuch krne ko nae he ?? jab sorry keh dia to mamala khatam..stay happy …:)

    • Asiya

      app waqai mad ho!!:D

  • Ali Azmat

    We tolerate when a Muslim innocently makes a lame excuse for wearing something that was made for insulting the philiosophy of Jihad in Islam. Could we have excused a non-muslim for wearing the same T-shirt without finding a conspiracy of the infidles? Where do we stand……..ponder about it!

  • sabah

    i think we shouldn't concentrate on others !! v should have to make ourselves better q k uska kia uske agay hmara kia hmaray agay hmen apne apko sudhrna chahye bki Allah janta hai kon kesa hai kon kesa and kiske kia amaal hen .. v shouldn't waste our time in such bullshits

  • Tanzeel

    Its a really stupid point made by ayesha and a really stupid reason given for the shirt she was wearing! we also would get any other celebrity wearing this kind of shirt and would also question them as we are questioning you! You are an adult and you should be more responsible!

  • Asiya

    After this scene in ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI..I have now decided to stop watching this drama cuz that really hurted my feelings….em a big supporter of jihad….Ayesha Omer should seek forgiveness from Allah..not from us….Its better to leave this crap now nd worship Allah(SWT) nd not to waste our time….

  • Zaheeya

    I find her excuse to be funny and she should be the last person to preech Islam to others.

  • areebaiqbal

    she is true but the director shldnt thnk tht its jxt a cartoon. mazak bna k rkh dya h jihad ko!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ayesha

    hey ayesha …our religion i speacefull but jihad is quranic order by Allaha Almighty, r u a minor…yes my mother taught me to fight for truth….my mother taught me how to respect others and even others religions..i never abused any hindu , christin , sikh on their religion…..yess if now i abused u its means u are muslim does ur mother not told u about ur religion, ……..donot u understand the meaning of Jihad….does jihad means to kill innocent ppl, no ayesha no, yehh may b u are not sole responsible but thos ewho make these shirts and then spread in our youngesters…but look no body taking any action ….this is islamic republic pakistan.

  • ash

    no body taking action on these shirts…….who is making them, we are sleeping a fast……so sleep tight.

  • imtiaz

    Tum logon ko abhi tak is baat ka ilm nahin hua ki Dar assal 90% 'jihadi' bas terrorist hain. Aur yeh jaanwar hamare mazhab par hamla kiye baithe. Yeh tee shirt unke vajood pe hamla hain aur is vajeh se mein is tee shirt ke khilaf nahin hun.

    • Saba

      ap jaise log jo ghar mein ac laga ke aise comments kar rahe hain chup rahen tou behtar hai…jab Musalman hojaye ja tou baat kare ga…yeh "terrorist" hamari behanon ke liye aur baki musalmano ke liye lar rahen hain kyunke AAP jaise beghairat mard ghar pe choorian pehen ke bethen hain…Ap zaroor malala supporter honge

      • zain

        good saba very good

    • zain

      yeh terrorist kai nahi islam kai khilaf hhai champu englissh samjh aati hai token tu t-shirt kaii naii musalmanno kai khilaf hai

  • Asiya

    It really hurted our feelingss!!!!;(

  • Asiya


  • tim

    i think she is going to be Veena Malik part 2….

    • ghhhhhhhhhhhh


  • Ash

    Well guyz I wud jus say dat is she stupid doesnt she no wats on the Tshirt…… Y buy on the first place… Buying is promtng those ugly ppl jo ya bna rahhy hain….

  • Asiya Sheikh

    Miss Zahra..!!! Em sorry but u r just fighting over a lame thing…In my opinion, Saud is absolutely right!!!!


    Well Ayesha Omer sahiba i agree with u that u r young magar aap ko agar itni samajh hai k aap khanay ko happa aur pani ko mam mum nahe kehte tu aap ko pata hona chayye k t shirt p little miss jihad likha howa hai aur aik islamic appearance wali khatoon ka cartoon bomb k sath bana howa hai ulta sharminda honay k bajay apnay aap ko defend kar rahe hain Shame on u humain khatam karnay k liye kuffar ko hum p hamlay ke zarorat nahe aap jaise log he kafi hain SHAME

    • kaleem javed

      salman u r right ………..itni samajh har ghairat mand musalman ko honi chahiey k kis chiz se un k mazhab ki toheen ho rahi ha jo k hamari zindagi ka lazmi juz ha ……….hamein in k libas se koi matlab nahi k ye kya pehantay hn or kya nahi lekin in ka har vo amal jis se islam ki badnami ho gi hn zror condemn karein gay .

      • SALMAN

        bilkul Kaleem qk mujhe lag raha hai kuch actors nay Islam aur Pakistan ko pori dunya mai badnaam kar nay ke thaan lee hai aur hum as a umma aur nation inn logo ko condemn bhe karain gay aur zarorat parnay par in ke khilaaf har satah p awaz bhe buland karaingay INSHALLAH

  • hassan

    nonsense…it was just a damn t shirt :S cant you all facebook loins do something productive rather pointing everyone out that who is beter and who is not…..get a life all of u

    • Saba

      first its "lions" not loins also its better and not beter..try memorizing your spellings first rather than telling us of doing something productive..secondly, kid go read Quran (surah taubah) and then realise what you said..you get a life..Religion is most important…aur please ap jaise log jinka deen se koi wasta na ho ..tou chup he raha karen aise mamlon mein tou behtar hoga..kaam ke na kaaj ke dushman anaj ke..

      • ayesha

        i agree with u saba

  • Nahin Toh

    LOL haha she just shot herself on her own foot with that statement.
    People were defending her n saying that she was only portraying a character. If that was true, she would have gotten away with it.

    Basically right now, what she is saying that she likes to wear such t-shirts..and trying to say she wear such shirts and has no understanding or respect for religion or she is plain DUMB for not understanding what was on her shirt. I believe she isn't dumb. She knew what she was wearing. She blamed on the directors..WHAT? Seriously…she doesn't even know how to handle media controversies HA! UNPROFESSIONAL.

  • kisekiboa

    LOL BS! How could u not know! Ur not young anymore! Ur an adult! I am 19 and I knew just how wrong that T-shirts message was! Don't freakn make a stupid half ass excuse like that! Ayesha you know very well just how offensive that was! But I dont expect anything else from these celebrities really, they forget they are muslims and do and wear stuff that is not only inappropriate but is wrong! And then they come onto talk shows and talk like they are such "parsa" ppl! Its pp like like them that give the wrong message to outsiders! Islam is a wonderful and beautiful religion! and its ppl like them that don't take it seriously, but pass it off as a joke! Its ridiculous! She is guilty! She needs to freakn grow up!! and accept that her actions were wrong! Wat a loser! She can't even admit that it was wrong of her! And wat the hell were the other ppl doing on the set! Were they stupid too, and couldnt say anything! its seriously outrageous! Stupid ignorant ppl!

    • zain

      you are 100% right my brother

  • Humaira

    Did you all know the real meaning of Jihad? To keep learning and keep making yourself a better person- Jihad of the soul. Real Jihad is promoting peace in society no violence and to be kind, respectful. Unfortunatley real Islam has been hijacked by extremists who are giving BAD & WRONG meaning of Islam. The Mullah are the ones giving wrong image of Islam and misleading people. Ayesha Omar has never condemned or killed someone! She has done nothing wrong and her director/producer whoever was not wrong to allow her to keep wearing tha shirt!

  • fizza khalid

    i am agree wdh ayesha

  • ayesha

    Is mein ayesha ka itna kasor nai jitna writer ka hai jis ne drama likha hai aur director ka AAP log writer ko kun nai kuch keha reha

    • saba

      Writer story likhta ha..yeh nahi btata k kis character ne kiya pehnana ha :/

    • SRA

      hahahaha ayesha u r actually naive or just posing????kia kabi kisi writer nay b dresses decide keye hen actors k???? grow up lady

    • Khadija Naqvi

      Lagta hai k aap hi Ayesha Omar hain lol

  • ayesha

    Is mein itna kasor ayesha ka nai jitna ka writer ka hai jis ne drams likha hai aur koi writer ko kun nahi kuch keha reha aur director ka bhi hai think about it

    • asma

      writer ka kya kasoor hai??? writer ne script mein ye nahi likha hota ke actor ne falan scene mein flan dress pehnna hai. ya us ne script mein likha tha ke aysha jehad wali shirt pehn ke scene karna. i mean cummon its only director's fault. ayesha ap to hamesha ulti hi bat karti hain jis ka koi logic nahi hota. ayesha omer is right.

  • naiki

    Bat3in krna logon ki adat hoti hai, i agre3 wid u Ay3xha!!!
    leav3 it… d3x r stupid .nonx3n & illitrate p3oplx… d3y can nv3r 3vr chng3…

    • sami

      i got cancer now:/

  • zain

    ek tu galti khud karti hai aur phir topi hum per dalti hai terai 6 feet kai jism pai tu islam hai nahi aur hum ko islam sikha rahi haai saab bari cartoon tm khud hoo

    • nayyab

      i dont think she is 6ft. ..that is way too exaggerated

    • Yusra

      First correct your own tone sir… You should know how to speak to a girl, basic manners….we are the most time wasting people, always busy in finding faults with others… Ayesha has apologised and I think it should be accepted with grace….she has explained the ignorance, plz give her a break

      • zain

        i dont think you understant what she trying to say after aplogised ok read again

        • Saba

          Yusra..its not about how to speak to a girl..right now whats more important is how she apologised that too on a religious issue..shes not a baby who couldn`t have had seen what the shirt meant…i wont wear a shirt with a naked girl printed on it just because its "comfortable"…get the point?..seriously..celebrities are worst of muslims..and we love to follow them..its a shame!

  • Saba

    Her statement was a load of crap! Her defence is that she wears the t-shirt because it's COMFORTABLE!!! Girl, please!! I don't care if the t-shirt was made of Egyptian cotton or had a lining of chinchilla fur….it's no excuse to support such a disgraceful misconception about Jihad. And don't even try to blame your mistake on others! The director surely does not call you up each day and tell you what to wear when your not even on set! Hadd hai. Atleast dhang ki excuse banayi hoti.

  • danial

    ayesha omer plz ap waysy bi t.shrt ki jaga agr kameez pahnny tu zada behtar ho ga

    • mani

      gr8 point

    • kat

      gud point

    • yoon

      aswsme well said

    • ayeg

      rit sayng

  • Bangash

    There have been many female suicide bombers in Pakistan who blew up innocent people, so Ayesha Omar should no be condemned. Pakistanis are useless people who get furious over nonsense.

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      I am a pakistani and im compelled to agree 0_o

    • glasgirl

      well said…100 true…1000% like ur comment dear

    • jazmyn khan

      hey ! bangash i don'y lnow u r indian or pakistani but still pakistan iz my heart an it iz not that big thing which should be solved or watever .. u r not supposed to say anything about us .. haven't u seen urself .. ** over -condemend ppl

    • tahira

      bitter reality

    • rrr

      i think your right. shes just an actress forget it these people are just retarted. seroiusly get over it. cry a river build a bridge and get OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Fuck you drama industry of pakistan!

  • Heena

    As a british muslim and a pakistani I think that IT WAS WRONG to wear that t-shirt even if it was nice or whatever.

    • sadaf

      yeah i agree with you,,, aysha says it is soft and comfotable… is comfort more important than islam???

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      Do you? Having lived in the uk for a few years i never knew i'd meet a fellow muslim who was so narrow minded as such esp when surrounded by liberals. It was a cute t-shirt with a picture and a slogan and THAT WAS IT! Nobody bothers when people wear shirts by the french connection which clearly state FCUK and we all know what that means.

  • Rehan

    Shes 33 years old and has been acting for fifteen years. She posted her bikini pics on facebook. She has no character.

  • Danish

    Ayesha ko khud khayal rakhna tha k us nay jo T-shirt pehni hai us ka kia react ho sakta hai.

  • Uzma

    I know she wanted to decrease the hates nd blames on her, but I am still not convinced! I think that if she has seen it then she'll definetly must have seen what's written on it! It's not always nice to blame stuff on elders,it might have been hard for them t notice because of the work for the other characters,or may be the jacket was on at that time,anyways I thnk it's a little self centered and selfish,but anyways she tried her best to untangle this misunderstanding!

  • SomeoneSomewhere

    The T-shirt was stupid – NOT. If everybody here took out the time to watch the drama then for heavens sake consider it a drama, not a matter of life and death and especially not personally. So grow up folks!!

  • syed tanveer ahmed

    its a good sign of realizing the main causes of dissentiment . being a good muslim one should identify what to do and what not. critisizing and abusing to the actor being knowing well that she is a muslim lady does not justified. the director, producer and other stay behind parties are equally responsible for not ensuring the religious, moral, social and pchchological values of muslims and pakistanis. the fault of artist wearing such dress should ask themselves weather is it a prestigious dress dipicting the dress of honourable muslim lady? she should act and displayed great sense of maturity which she had failed. Subsequently, she apologize for such act, which no doubt, reflects her great sense of maturity and honesty. Thus gives us a great lesson of realizing mistakes and rectifying it. ALLAH ALMIGHTY guides us all and protect our values from all type of ills and odds. Ameen.

  • mudassar

    Well, when she clearly explained it that she didn't understand that shirt caption has something which is insulting our religion. she apologized to all those who were hurt. she's educated enough to know its a matter of her and GOD and she surely would have apologized ALLAH for that unintentional sin, then why the hell are you making issue out of it. Each one of you who's trying to be Thanedar of Islam commit so many of such mistakes which are totally prohibitted in Islam intentionally or unintentionally. Acc. to an Islamic scholor abusing someone is a bigger sin than destroying KABBA, how many times a day you pray? WHen u cut your beard and flush it into dirty water how about that? countless thing we do everyday. that doesn't mean if someone does rubbish things against Islam we should let it go, point is. understand the matter first. even I didn't realize the sensitivity of that shirt till ppl highlighted it and am sure same happened to her. now she is sorry to ALLAH and all for that. Chapter closed. full stop keep your Islamic lectures save for some other issues. She is a Muslim though not as good as she should be but she is just like any of us. who dont pray who watch movies, listen songs copy non muslims styles etc but somewhere deep down in our heart we still have that respect. and so does she am sure.

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      So true. Only if the so called "scholars'' here understood. See? That's the problem with Pakistanis. They have adopted everything and anything they can from the westeners and yet do not want to accept the fact that they have.
      Does anybody's Phuphi, behen bhai or any living person live next to or anywhere near ayesha omar? Then who are you to judge her? You certainly looked at her pictures in a bikini and watch all kinds of non-sensical stuff on tv for the heck of it. Nobody judges you just because you are an unknown person and people judged her just cuz she's a celebrity. Out of all the worries in your day people have decided to pick on her! Un-effing-believeable!
      And like i always say ''Oh! Who's calling? Yeah! That's Hypocrisy calling your names all you hippies!

  • Sameer S

    ayesha has the worst reputation and is a liar by profession. Her post proves her immaturity selfishness and jahalat. She knew what she was doing and she didnt have the decency to accept her mistake.

  • kashan khan

    koi bat nahi galti insan se hi hoti hai

    • glasgirl

      bil kul thek bola ap ni…yeh sab tu usk pechy esy par gey hain jesy kud dhood k dhuly hon..kud ki sisters pata nahe kya kya naeh krti hon gei yahan pi usk pechy kuton ki tarah lagy hain

  • sampak

    as ayesha explain that she want to change her shirt on set but the director take it easy but ayesha is young enough to understand that if she is wearing a shirt like this , this must be the cartoon for her but this is not so easy thing we should take care about our dressing and i didn't agree with ayesha in this sence. but people should not abuse her because this is much worse than what the ayesha did atntionly or un attentionly

  • Hebzieee

    Seriously guys you all need to grow up. So what if she wore a t shirt…yes it may have been wrong but you guys have time to watch tv and notice small things lsike what anperson is wearing….. Instead if debating about her t shirt ..you pakistanis… Especially living in Pakistan should perhaps go and concentrate on useful things like making the situation of the country better or by doing something constructive. She has given her side of the story. What is the problem with you all, seriously. No body in the production team thought it was an issue, It is all of their fault combined but it is even worst with us viewers who can't accept someones apology and move on. And whoever has written this article, it is your fault for provoking the audience. Seriously why bother writing such reviews. I think personally you made an issue out of nothing and provoked the rest of the people. If you can't write something good than at least don't be full of criticism especially on such small issues like a stupid t-shirt. Seriously, do you really think people will go and start bombing the country down because of Ayesha's t-shirt? It is all happening anyways so what differnce does it make. The writer should be banned from writing on this forum full stop.

    • Joker

      hahahaha….you are very funny……….You need to grow up…Jihad is not carry bomb's around…..Think of Palestine…….And then compare that to the statement of little miss Jihad……………..It wont make sense to you…….America is representing Jihad to be as carrying bombs and blowing them around…..And this t-shirt was actually making fun of Jihad………..Which is disgraceful…………

    • SomeoneSomewhere

      Hebzie dude. Stop fretting about what these people have to say. I wouldnt say most of them haven't been to school but they have def been watching too many anti-american news and following exactly what their parents talk at their homes cuz clearly 99% of them dont even have an opinion of their own. I wrote this before as well like you did, that if you are so concerned about her t shirt, stop watching tv people. Ibadat karo, jo time iss kanjar khanay(that's how my mom puts it) mein lagana hei woh phir kisi achay kam pe lagao na. Aik tau itna ghar kar ke dekha uski shirt ko then yahan aye and usko zaleel kia although not one person here knows her personally and probably hasnt even met her. Seriously, i'd be very sorry if it was one of your sisters then i'd see how you defend her. And yes! Joker dude. You need to grow up. I mean REALLY. GROW IT(if you know what i mean).

      • SomeoneSomewhere

        Oh wait before you start bashing my urdu. Its Ghaur or which ever way you spell it 😛

    • laiba

      ayesha itni bachi nhi ke use pata hi nhi lga k usne kya pehan liya ha a
      ger directer usse khe ga ke kunven mein chlang lga do to kya wo laga de gi

    • nisma

      oops i accidentaly chose to like your comment 🙁 whereas i dislike it cos it is so stupid

  • Noone

    People who think that there are bigger issues than this. I think issues become bigger because we do not bother to tackle them on the right time, thinking that there are other issues. I would never buy or accept a gift like that….Wouldn't ever look at it…..It is representing jihad as to be blowing bombs…..Which is off course taking a piss.

  • Abdullah

    mujhe to ye smj nahe ata ke ye behuda larkian jab pakri jati hen to
    kehte hen key tum log apnay aap ko dekho ya phir falan ne ye kahaa falan ne wo kaha bus men to dud peti bachi hun na .
    aray hum tum se to behtr hen ke hamen pata hae ke ghalat lag raha hae ya sahe
    Apnay aap ko defend nahe kar skti to dusrun par ajati hen…………………..

    • glasgirl

      ab maar du ja k usko pir bolna jihaad kya hai..wah ry pakistani logo..islam ka naam bdnaam ker diya tm logo ni..esa tu humry nabi ni nahe sekhya k kise ko itni laant mulamat kero even k wo peshamaan b ho..to hell with pakistani mind

  • Aroosh

    she should be careful about what she is wearing.this is not at all acceptable to make fun of any pillar of Islam.

  • saira

    allah pk hum sb ko hidaiyat dy islam r jahad ko drust tarika sy samjny is sy muhabat karny ki tofeek dy. aameen

  • Khan

    ayesha next time you should be very careful
    and one thing more ap ne kaha k Allah ka kam hai logo ko judge krna but dear ayesha hum akhire umat hai aur hamary nabi k bad koi nabi nai aye ga is liay logo ko naike ka hukam daina aur buri se rokna humara farz hai.
    Jahad zindabad.

  • Ayza Jawwad

    Auesha…very bad…..,

  • Adina

    Buss kardo bhai!! Apne point out kiya…. Usne point samajh liya.. maazarat kerli…. Kuch zarf show karen aur jahilon ki tarha laanat malamat se perhayz kareyn!!

  • marry

    it does not mane any sense saying …i randomly wearing that shirt came on shoot and ended up like this. jihad is one in five basic pillar of Islam, it is written boldly on shirt, it does not allow any body to make fun of Islamic doctrines. anyway I remember Orya Maqbool Jan's words" AIK BOOSEEDA COMPUTER PAY BYTHNY WALY NOJWAN NAY SARI BASAT ULAT DI HAI". now they will understand the role of social media … all social media users now guys have an idea what your hardwork and devoion and love of Islam has changed everything. feel this as reinforcement to stand against the old, hopeless, blood suckers politicians and establish your role for real change in Pakistan.

  • humaira

    I think that it does not take a rocket scientist to know that during these times how sensitive this issue is. This is just an excuse that Ayesha is giving for her poor judgement. This T shirt should not have been bought or worn by any muslim because it is showing that we are terrorist. Muslims are not Terrorist and Jihad does not mean that we walk around with bombs in Hijab. This was a very stupid mistake and if I felt furious then you should have also. As being a muslim we need to be a little more conscious and be aware of how people in the world see us.

  • Ramsha Syed

    We Pakistanis have a knack of making a mountain out of a molehill. Ayesha Omer has done nobody any harm in wearing a mere T-Shirt in a scene. And even if she did, we see it clearly that she extended her heartfelt apologies in our favor. I don't see any point in talking about her character or personal life here because she is an actress and all we should judge is her acting skills and not other extraneous matters. Furthermore, I don't think she's blaming her directors or anyone for wearing that shirt, she's instead trying to say that we shouldn't really be offended by a mere depiction on a T-shirt because senior directors and other caste did not as well find it offending and undoubtedly they have a better sense of what 's right or wrong! Lets not make her another Veena Malik of Pkt, we should really learn to defend our celebrities and other fellow Pakistanis instead of throwing stones at them!

  • Muhammad Imran

    Asalam-OAlikum mery tamam dsoton ko
    Agar Aysha Umer ki Maffi qabool kar li jaay to Mera srif aik sawal hy ky kia drama bantay hoay 2 y 3 log wahan mojud hotay hain ky jin ki nazroon sy ya sab kuch ojhal hogaya yaqeenan buhat bary bary jany maany creatoers kisi bhi dramay ko banay mian saath hotay hain aur specially wardrob sy mutaliq ko kai log hotay hain chalyia ya bhi maan liya ky production ky waqat kisi ny is per goor nhn kia laik editing process sensoer policy ya chaanel ko deliver hoty waqat kia aik single insan ko itni ghtyia harkat nazar nhn aaai mery liya ya buhat hi tajusus ka muqam hy ya to hum logon main sy Jazba e Iman khatam ho gaya hy ya phir ya harkat jaan boojh kr ki gai hy isky ilwa dosri koi sorat nhn banti.
    Aur jahan taak raha Aysha ki maafi ka sawal to Aysha to pehly ya batain ky unky kis dot ny unko is qisam ki shirt gift ki aur Miss Aysha aap log apny veiwrs ky liya roll model hotay hain aur aap itnai asani sy sara malba dosron per daal kr khud ko safai sy bachan chaati hain thts not an good idea q ky sab sy bari mistake to aap hi ki hy ky wo t shirt aap ki apni hy aur apky istamal main hy uis say aapky apnay baray mian at least mujhy buhat kuch jany ka moqa mil gaya hy
    Meri in bataon sy kai log itfaq nhn karingy q ky sb ko taraqi aur gulami ki zanjeron ny jakr rakha hy aur wo baqaool is dramay ky aik daligoue thaa ky "Zaroon Stone age jesay Mardon wali baat kar rahy ho tum"
    Insan ki asal haqiqat wohi pather aur wphi Matti hy aur hum ko is matti mian dafan kia jana hy bus dua karian ky koi azab na muslat ho hum per ky shayed ya matti bhi na naseeb ho.
    We r not extremst not terrioest we r proud to be Muslim

    • jiaa

      v true yaar media walun ne humin bewakoof samjha hua ae

  • adil

    they have nothing to do with islam leave them

  • Unknown

    Well in my prospect , I don't blame anybody for anything but if we talk about what's written on the t shirt speaks something it's self. Defiantly she would have worn that shirt just for a laugh or something funny indeed , but that wasn't anything to make fun with. We should not make a propaganda of that , infact Allah likes the most who seek forgiveness.we all should avoid such things which we don't mean and gives a wrong message and may Allah keeps us all on the right path ameen

  • quratulain

    nai mantye nai mantye is ko muslim nai mantye

    • quratulain

      sahi kaha hai qurat nye

    • hamza

      ap k mannne na manne se kia fark parta ha…… she is muslima and is fact ko koi rad nai kar sakta

      • Sami

        kar sakte han rad kyun ni kar sakte, jo islam te takazon pe pura na utre, bl k islam aur jihad k khilaf act kare to kia hum use islam se kharji ni samjh sakte…??

  • Muhammad

    she is saying read Quran with translation i wonder she didnt read what Quran says about veil (parda) ???? AMAZING

  • K.Anwar

    ohh so she is such a brainles person working on the media and didnt even know wat to do or say of a tv? give me a break. its all crap. we al know the reputation of hum tv how full of shit it is. u cant watch it wd ur family and should b baned. and about aysha. well she is nting more then a slut. so wat do u guyz expect frm a pimp? she can do anything for da rit money.

  • K.Anwar

    and for those who say that lil ms aysha is ok she is a lil 7 years old baby its ok if she moked the religion its ok if she makes fun of it no big deal forget abt it bla bla bal. GET REAL. who can throug a shirt with such print? 2nd who can b so stupid to buy this shirt and gift it so sm1? think about it u idiots. its all a setup. jst to make u feel its ok to make fun of religion v r doing it. cum n join us. they r jst trying to change our mind sets. n u ppl feel sorry for her. i feel sorry for ur values.

  • anjum

    Logon k pas bht time hay dosroon pe keechar uchalne ka shamr on everyone apne grebaan me jhanknay ki zaroorat hay sab ko jis jis ne bhi comments kiya hay sab ne apni apni qabar me jana hay log baday ai judgment karne k lea jahalat aur education ki kami saaf zahir hay