Resham Finally Looking for A Husband- Must Have a Green Card!

These days when we see young actors getting married at an early age, it seems that the senior actresses are now finding marriages as a less threat to their career and looking forward to tie knots after crossing their 40s’. Actressses Like Meera, Resham and Saima who try all their best to hide their ages though they are in their late 30s’ or early 40s’, are now no more in the wanted lists. Now that Reema has recently tied a wedding knot with American National, Dr. Tariq Shahab, It is now Resham next who is looking for a similar proposal to get married.

The news came into the limelight when, while giving an interview to the local news paper, Resham said that she is now ready for a marriage, however, all what she want in her husband is the fact that he should be rich enough to afford her living standards and must have an American Nationality. She also stated that though she is not money oriented but wants to have a peaceful life abroad and that the situation of Pakistan is really a terrible one.

It was also stated in the interview that Resham seems to be quite serious about her decision and is making efforts to achieve her goal and it is soon that she will find a foreign Hubby for herself.

I am amused to know this that while many celebrities of the Lollywood industry accused Reema Khan for choosing a wealthy-old man for her, actresses actually envy her for her luck and want someone similar to that of Dr. Tariq. This industry is seriously more like a maze which I am never able to understand completely.

How did you find this news? Though the decision is practical, but it sounds absurd. I mean is it right to be that straight forward? Share your Views.

Nida Zaidi


  • suf

    teri second hand jawani nhai chahiye kisi ko hahahah

    • Chipotle


  • Zille Huma


  • soni


  • farah

    Good luck resham…

  • amna

    Everyone has a right to live! however they want ! i wish her best of luck ! she is beautiful ! ive seen her for real !!!! she can get anyone !

  • anonymous

    she is absolutely right….though straight forward but bang on!…everybody is looking for a better match based on their wants and needs and self made checklist and she has chosen peace and for her peace means a rich guy with a foreign nationality…so be it!…atleast she knows what she wants….all the best for her search…and May Allah bless her righteously.

  • Green card

    Interesting comments regarding…"she can get anyone". No doubt about her capabilities but "anyone" is a very vast term. At least she can't get me…… :-), Green card holder doesn't necessarily means the holder of the card will be rich as well.

  • maryam

    money is not every thing miss Resham. Important thing for peaceful life is Love, Respect and Sincerity. i have experience it and i m v happy with my so Loving and caring Hubby. i thing u have to chang your thoughts.any ways wish u good luck.

  • noor

    its her personal matter,, who we r to disscuss it in a bad manner? marriage is a very good decision,, every body has its own priorities.