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Ayesha Sana Shouts Badly At Hair Dressers For Ruining Her Hairstyle

Ayesha Sana’s video in which she shouted at a camera man for shooting her from the wrong angle went viral few months ago. It showed that when it came to looking good on camera Ayesha did not spare anyone and did not believe in compromising on her looks. Some celebrities also got together and made a dubmash video of Ayesha Sana’s behavior with the camera man. People are always told that some celebrities are very conscious about their looks but Ayesha Sana is the only one who people have seen shouting at others because she did not look good enough on screen. There was a time when Ayesha Sana was better known as an actress but now she is doing more hosting of live shows abroad.


This time also someone made a video of Ayesha Sana in which she is shouting badly and non stop at hair dressers who messed up her curls. Although no one is talking back at her but she goes on ridiculing the staff and also curses them. Some people shout at others for their mistakes and then stop after a few seconds or a minute but this video just like the last one shows that Ayesha Sana is not one of these people. She keeps on shouting until she gets what she wants.


You can watch the video here: