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Ayeza Khan told off a hater and we are more than impressed

Ayeza Khan is a versatile TV drama actress who always impresses us with her on point acting and her stunning looks. The diva is married to fellow TV actor Danish Taimoor and the couple is blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

The world of social media is both a blessing and a curse. As much as we love it for our celebrities keeping us updated with their lives and beautiful moments, we must admit that it becomes a curse for them at times.

One such incident took place recently when an instagram follower of Ayeza Khan posted a hateful comment against Ayeza Khan’s daughter. However, Ayeza didn’t let a stranger kill her spirits and had a brilliant reply for her.

We certainly agree with Ayeza that all children are beautiful and it takes a lot of hate for someone to make rude remarks about a child. We wish more people think like Ayeza.

More power to Ayeza and other mothers who think the same!

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