Ayeza Khan’s Latest Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan is back in action and also back in demand. It seems like many of the brands we waiting for her to be back so that they could hire her for promoting their products. Ayeza Khan has already done a photo shoot for a leading jewelry brand, a winter collection, a beauty salon and now she is the brand ambassador of a very famous ladies clothing brand origin. Origin launched its spring collection and chose to make Ayeza Khan their brand ambassador this year. Stars like Mehwish Khan, Ayesha Omar and Sana Khan have also endorsed their brand in the past. Ayeza Khan looks gorgeous in all the pictures. Some of the outfits she wears are formal and some are casual.

Ayeza Khan always makes sure that her fans know what she is doing by posting pictures and updates on the facebook page. She also reads the feedback from her fans regularly although she chooses not to reply to every comment but in an interview she informed her fans that she always find time to read all the comments and does not even mind the criticism.

Here are the pictures from the photo shoot.

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