Aiman And Minal Talk About Their Personal Lives

Aiman and Minal Khan are not just pretty but they are also very talented. They are twin sisters who are very popular among people and they have worked with the best people in the industry. Aiman and Minal along with their mother were invited to Nida Yasir’s Morning show in which they did not talk about their work but they talked about how their personal lives were at home. Aiman Khan said that her mother is always telling her to learn how to cook. She said,

“I like cleaning up around me but I don’t like to go in the kitchen and cook which bothers my mother a lot. She says that anyone can do cleaning for you but you have to cook yourself.”

Aiman Khan said that she even cleans up after Minal but that never impresses her mother because she feels that learning to cook is more important than anything else. Talking about how their career in showbiz has effected their family life Aiman said,

“We hardly get to spend time with our brothers and we miss so many family engagements because we are never home and always busy with work.”

Minal said that her father gets sentimental sometimes because he does not get to see his daughters often enough. Their mother said,

“I keep on telling me to send me pictures from their sets where they are shooting. I especially want to see their pictures when they dress up as brides for scenes.”

Aiman and Minal Khan shared that they are very close to their Khalas and maternal grandmother. They said,

“They have always supported us, we don’t have to worry about anything when our Khala comes to visit.”

Here are some pictures from the show.

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