Babbu Baral’s Handicapped Son’s Painful Appeal

Pakistani artists have gone through so much misery due to lack of opportunities in their careers, lack of public support and bad government policies that never made our artists strong, we have seen many big stars of yesteryear who died in misery and despair. Babbu Baral is a big name in comedy and his work will always live on. He has worked on stage for ages but he died in a very painful way where he was dealing with financial problems and could not even afford proper treatment.

Babbu Baral's Handicapped Son's Painful Appeal

Babbu Baral’s death was another example of how society failed an artist. His family is still going through a lot of pain and financial struggles and his son Nabil has finally made an appeal to the world for some help. He could not make himself ask for help at first but now there is no way out for them.

Babbu Baral's Handicapped Son's Painful Appeal

Nabil revealed that he is 30 years old and he had a burnt injury on his legs where there are serious wounds and contractures that need to be operated on. One of his arms was also amputated and his family is struggling hard now to survive. Here is the number where he can be contacted for help:

Contact: 03004889046

Here is the appeal:

Pakeeza Dar