Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

Ehd-e-Wafa is a popular drama on HUM which has been produced by MD Productions and ISPR. The script of the drama has been written by Mustafa Afridi of Sang-e-Mar Mar and Aangan fame and the play has been directed by one of the best directors in the industry, Saife Hasan, who also directed Sang-e-Mar Mar. Together they also won the best writer and director awards for Sang-e-Mar Mar.

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

Ehd-e-Wafa is based on the stories of 4 friends, the drama covers their journeys from the time they were students to the time they entered practical life. All the episodes of this drama so far have been received differently by the viewers. Overall however Ehd-e-Wafa continues to be one of the most hit and talked about drama serials.

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

The bad news is that Ehd-e-Wafa’s shooting has been halted. A well-known entertainment website EPK posted the news that the shooting of only 15 episodes has been done till now. The script of rest of the episodes has not been completed because of which further shooting has been postponed. According to these sources, the script of only 17 episodes has been written while the script for the next 5 episodes should be written in order to start the shooting given the way things work in production.

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

As if this was not bad enough, EPK also reported that two of the leading actors are down with Dengue fever. Ahad Raza Mir is playing an important role in the drama and nowadays he is not available for shooting because he has dengue fever. Wahaj Ali has also been diagnosed with Dengue fever. It will obviously take them some time to recover. Currently Ahad Raza Mir is out of country while Wahaj Ali is slowly recovering.

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans

This is definitely sad news for all the fans out there. Hopefully the shooting will start soon and the leading actors will recover quickly.

Bad News For Ehd-e-Wafa Fans


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  • Ye baat Saif e Hasan ne dedh maheena pehalay bata di thee k drama pura naheen likha gaya aur writer k mazeed likhney ka intizar ker rahay hain.

  • Shoot bohat zabardast chal raha ha….. So please viewer ko bawaqof na banayn or Koi fake news na dalan…

  • After such a long time something entertained us but unluckily it will discontinue after some episodes. Hopefully we will not miss any episode. And God bless and give complete recovery to our favourite heroes.

  • Is this how the industry operates? Unfinished script? Unfinished shooting and already the hype and it’s been televised? Surely the logical thing would be to ensure the script it complete and edited, ensure all episodes are shot and edited (actors are available and episodes ready) then air it?
    Pretty ridiculous that half way they’ve halted it. Lets hope actors don’t return with a crazy tattoo or hair cut and kill the continuity

  • It is true. The drama is not fully shot. 2 of my friends are working as mom’s in the drama. They both confirmed it.

  • Nothing to worry too much 17episodes are already shooted means they have time to recover from their disease and complete the script and shoot be positive

  • Mere khayal me to sb se pehle onko allah se maafi mangni chahiye or iss trha se jo drama ye log krte he oss se ji inhe salary milti ha wo haram h to jab ye log haram khaen gen to mujhe nahi lagta k ye bemar na hon q k haram kha k insan apne pait me aag bharte hain or jin logon k pait aag se bhare huwe he wo jannat me b nahi ja skte is liye acha he k wo toba kr len.

  • Well wish both actors good health and recovery..But one thing I have to say here Hum TV plays have gone far down the line. I was an Hum TV fan but not anymore .There’s something gone wrong with the scripts as the dramas are not matching the old plays like Dastaan, Dile murtaza, humsafar ,sherezaat, zindagi gulzar hay,yakeen ka safar,Dureshahwar,sami and many more but now none.

  • Should concentrate on army life more. Don’t introduce unnecessary characters & their details. That makes the story unnecessarily lengthy & uninteresting.

  • Tashi aap nay durust kaha hai laykin is say bhi bara mus-ala Muslim qaum ko durpesh hai aur woh hai ummat ki aksariat ka SHIRK main mubtala hona.
    Shirk ki raej iqsam: Qabar parasti, but (idol)parasti, Ambia aur Aulia of buzurg parasti hain.
    Iskay alawa taweez Gunday, karay chalay, Kanon main balian, hathon main Hinduon ki tarah rangeen dhagay bandna waghaira,.

  • Don’t know why Drama is STRETCHING LIKE A RUBBER BAND, it should be completed in 13 Episodes. Moreover it’s not like a ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE nor like a SUNHERAY DIN.. Although I am not following it, but it is good if it has 13 episodes only… anyhow those actors taking part in this, wish them Get Well Soon

  • That’s soooo bad …but we will wi8 and hopefully they get recovery soon insha’Allah .may Allah always protect them from every bad thing .

  • Ooo so sed Allah sub ko sehat dy. Butt mujy ni lagta ky ya news Sach ha. I love Pak Army
    ISP good working. Or dua ky kia to ❤️🤐😍

  • Fake news. How can be ISPR produced drama be not completely shot and is on TV. First u short the drama, then edit it and then it’s played on TV. Fake news to get ppl attention

  • Remember a drama is mostly based on story and name then on actors you can continue drama by changing actor if you need help I can . Just ask writer to write script as early as possible but do not stop public is fan of your story

  • Hi there, just wanna say one thing about (saad) in this drama i find him so good looking and he is just to cute………… (Ahad Raza Mir) he is the best

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