Bata Takes Down Poster After Social Media Backlash

Bata Takes Down Poster After Social Media Backlash

In the era of social media, the more easy it is to make things viral, the more difficult it is to be politically, socially and morally correct all the time. Pakistan’s famous shoe store chain Bata came under hot waters a couple of days back by putting up this poster giving a very wrong message; womaniser and comfortable with it 

It was understandably not received well and the social media came alive with people bashing this idea left, right and centre:

To their credit, Bata has taken down the poster and issued a sincere apology;

Now that was one thoughtful move. Regardless of how nobody from the marketing at Bata realised what it will mean to promote a man as a womaniser and comfortable with it, they promptly took notice of public opinion and acted accordingly. This is certainly considerate of them and has helped in damage control.

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