BBC Declares Pakistani Skin Lightening Creams Poisonous & Illegal

The usage of skin lightening and whitening creams have been a trend since years. Some companies are making millions, capitalising on these creams which cause cancer, diabetes, severe skin conditions and other diseases. Many recent revelations have proved how harmful these products are, and the recent one is by BBC.

According to a video by BBC, these whitening creams include harmful and poisonous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury which can cause organ failure and cancer. Among the list are few famous Pakistani brands; Faiza beauty cream, Golden pearl beauty cream and Stillman’s cream.

The video stated, 15 shops have been caught by London trading standards. They were fined record amounts on average 11,000 pounds each. And for the first time some shop owners were given suspended ail sentences.

“The courts are looking at this as a criminal activity as its poisoning someone for profit. It’s not the kind of activity where people can think they can run a legitimate business and sell these kinds of products,” said Cenred Elworthy in the video released yesterday.

Rimsha Butt