Beautiful Pictures of Actress Noor Bukhari with her Daughter Fatima

Noor Bukhari is a celebrity we have seen transform so much in her career. Se started her career in films and made a name for herself in the industry. She has worked in many movies and eventually moved towards shows and television. She has hosted many festive shows as well as moning shows. Noor Bukhari went through a huge change when she decided to leave the glitz and glam of the showbiz life behind and focus more on the life with an Islamic point of view. Se has started wearing Hijab and has done no projects after that.

Noor is a mom to a beautiful daughter Fatima and they are celebrating Ramadan too with all the zeal and happiness. See in the pictures below:

noor 1

noor 2

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noor 3

noor 5

noor 6

noor 7

noor 8


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