Beautiful Pictures of Actress Saba Faisal with her Family at a Wedding Event

Saba Faisal is nothing short of a talent house of the Pakistani drama industry. She started her career from PTV as a newscaster and started acting in Urdu dramas and ever since she has continually worked for Pakistan drama industry. She has been playing the role of mother in many hit dramas and still is able to portray the variation of characters. 

Salman Faisal recently got married this year and their wedding pictures went viral over the internet. Their wedding became the dream wedding of many of their followers. Salman and his wife love to spend quality time together to make their relationship stronger. 

Saba Faisal along with her family have recently spotted attending a wedding event. She looks elegant and beautiful as ever. Salman Faisal and his wife make a cute couple.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Saba Faisal with her family enjoying at the wedding. Have a look!


saba faisal 1 2

saba faisal 2 1

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