Beautiful Pictures of Fashion Designer Maria.B with Her Family

Beautiful Pictures of Fashion Designer Maria.B with Her Family

Maria Butt is a famous personality of Pakistan. She runs her own clothing brand by the name of Maria.B and is known by the same name as well. Maria.B is one of the most famous and established dress designers of Pakistan providing an expensive range of clothing generally hitting elite class as her target market. Now a days Maria.B is the the part of hot news regarding Corona virus. Few days ago news of her husband’s arrest started revolving on internet for showing non serious attitude towards the spread of Novel Corona Virus. As one of their servant was tested positively and instead of informing government authorities they asked him to leave and he went to his village through public transport. Later Maria.B issues a video message with her husband in which these two told their side of story that they didn’t have any guideline about dealing a COVID-19 patient thats why they asked him to leave for his village in a private car. Later on from Punjab Police a voice note was shared on tweeter which gave us a whole new story. They called Maria.B and her husband inhumane for sending their servant through public transport and putting life of many people at stake. Celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi came forward in support of Maria.B, whereas people are bashing Maria Butt and running a campaign to boycott Maria.B clothing. Talking about Maria Butt’s personal Life, she is married to a businessman Tahir. Maria Butt has two children a son and a daughter. Let’s have a look at these beautiful family pictures of Maria B:

Maria B Family 1

Maria B Family 3

Maria B Family 4

Maria B Family 5

Maria B Family 6

Maria B Family 7

Maria B Family 8

Maria B Family 9

Maria B Family 10

Maria B Family 11

Maria B Family 12

Maria B Family 13

Maria B Family 14

Maria B Family 15

Maria B Family 16

Maria B Family 17

Maria B Family 18

Maria B Family 19

Maria B Family 20

Maria B Family 21
Maria B Family 22

Maria B Family 23

Maria B Family 24

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