Beautiful Pictures of Actor Shabbir Jan with his Family

Shabir Jan is a verteran Pakistani actor. Even after 30 years in showbiz he continues to eagerly dedicate his life to television and film industry. He is a versatile actor who can play a negative role as good as comedy ones. 

He started his career in the late 70’s and still seen on screens. He is a self-made actor who accepted all roles during the start to get as much experience as he can. Due to his amazing acting, he won PTV best actor-male award three times. He was also nominated in Lux Style Awards for the best actor in a television series. 

Shabir Jab had his second marriage with Fareeda Shabir and living happily with her and their kids. Couple has been seen to appear as guests in many morning shows where they share their beautiful memories and experiences.

Recently, Nida Yasir who host ‘Good morning Pakistan’ invited Shabir Jab with his wife and kids. The whole family had an amazing time on set where they played many games, answered many questions, cut the most delicious cake and at the end took a lot of pictures. 

Here are some of Shabir Jan’s family pictures from the show. Have a look!

shabbir 1

shabbir 2

shabbir 3

shabbir 4

shabbir 5

shabbir 6

shabbir 7

shabbir 8

shabbir 9

shabbir 10

shabbir 11

shabbir 12


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