Cheekh Episode 27 & 28 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Balaa Season 2:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Cheekh made this drama tolerable because they have now started to wrap the story up, which is a relief, but it doesn’t mean these two episodes were amazing or what! I must say, I was being constantly reminded of the fact that the writer of Cheekh is the same as that of Balaa’s. It also reminded me of those years where all the dramas running on Star Plus used to have more or less same scenarios because there was only one person who was doing the thinking & creating stories. In Balaa, the villain was deliberately turned into a loon & now Mannat is doing the same to Wajih. Oh well, I will then say may be the karma is clapping back at Bilal Abbas because the same is happening to Wajih in Cheekh, which Taimoor did to Nighat in Balaa! Acha hi hua!


So, Mannat has finally made up her mind that she is going to use this time span of her iddat to drive Wajih crazy. Such a reminiscent of the infamous Balaa where Taimoor instead of helping Nighat with her psychological issues ended up seeking medical help to drive her crazy only to get rid of her & then marry his ladylove. When Mannat looked at those small booties, I just thought that the writer should’ve spared the life of Shayan, at least that way both Mannat & Shayan could have started afresh & started a family too but oh well, I expected something nice from Zanjabeel Asim Shah, my bad.

Shariq has proposed to Haya & as the preview showed, he will try to trap her only to teach Wajih a lesson. May be Shariq will be doing all of this because Mannat must’ve told him to, but let’s see. Haya’s character was useless anyways, but let’s hope her existence will be used at least once to hit the nail in the coffin.

Yawar was paralyzed. To be honest, I was upset for what he went through, not because of his condition, but ONLY because of the fact that Yawar was the ONLY character who was audible & delivered his dialogues properly & now, he was in the same MinMinMinMin league & it was frustrating. Both these episodes had cringe written all over them because half of the dialogues were poorly delivered & the other half were inaudible. Be it Saba Qamar or the mumbling master Bilal Abbas or the actor playing the role of Saleem, none of them were clear in their speech & now Yawar too. I guess if they really wanted all these actors to sound feeble or something, they should’ve muted the background music for the sake of audibility.

It is actually quite funny that after losing all of these people, Mannat has now gained the courage to face Wajih, whereas she should’ve done all of this when at least Shayan was alive. Shayan was always there to support Mannat but when he was alive, Mannat turned into a model who only did cat walk on the mental asylum ramp, she lost her voice, her words, everything but now, she seems pretty normal. I hope Shayan had at least seen this side of Mannat where she was still fighting courageously. I actually thought that maybe they will reopen the case but now it seems Wajih will go straight to the pagal-khana & that’s it.

Closing Thoughts – #BanZanjabeel:

These two episodes, in fact this drama in general has proved that this was made to write by Zanjabeel Asim Shah right after seeing how the ratings of Balaa skyrocketed, so since she could not come out of that mental zone, she decided to create new characters but the thought process & the plot remained the same. Now, Wajih will lose his sanity & this way, Mannat will avenge the deaths of Nayab, her baby, her mother & her husband Shayan & in the end, Mannat will do the catwalk out of the court & ta-da this drama will end. I have decided, I am not going to watch Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s heavily flawed, negative, inhumane & one-dimensional dramas ever again. I have had enough. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Balaa, oh I mean Cheekh.

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  • all I have to say is that the only good thing out of this drama will be that we will get to see the men’s side of the mental hospital, i’m sick of seeing only the women’s side, but I’m really hoping that Wajih confesses & goes to jail because he thinks he will be saving Haya, I really do not want to see him go mad.
    the review was brilliant & made me laugh as usual, same here i’l note down the name so I can remember never to see her dramas ever again or at least check 10 times that her name is not anywhere near any drama credits

  • Uff. Meray Moula jo dimagh diya hai aapi zanjabeel ko tou usay sahi sey use karna bhi sikhaya hota. I m tired off. Though it is ending now but have lost interest. Story doesn’t justify to the elements it would have been like court drama and confession of witnesses against wajeeh, cross counter by lawyers… ufff. Chaley baqi 2 episodes hein phir khatam. Aur new drama by Six sigma aur khaleel qamar ka tum meray pass ho will start

  • Hi Zahra, I like the part MinMinMinMin. Really in today’s episode it was very hard to catch everyone’s dialogue and maximum audio level of YouTube was also not helping out. All of them joined Bilal Abbas category of mumbling. You are right, Yawar becoming paralyzed and Wajih may become mental, will no make sense to the ending. These were the two persons who were so vocal and now they will get their Karma which they will not realize even, is bad.

  • Zahra Ji, Reviewing a bad drama requires a lot of courage……. Sincerely appreciate your effort. Your rating is half a star, the scroll should allow you to give negative star ratings too…… I am sure you will have used it to rate Cheekh…… What is with Bilal Abbas?He made a right choice with Dumpukht, after that a string of flops, Rangreza, Balla and Cheekh. He needs to choose the right script, need’s to get trained on audible dialogue delivery…….. Move out of the negative zone of characters he is playing…….. Otherwise it will unfortunately ruin his career much too soon……. Thank you so much for reviewing Cheekh……..

  • Zahra go ahead and treat yourself to a good meal because u deserve it. I’ve skipped the past few episodes of Cheekh and followed your reviews which were by far more entertaining! Tuned into this episode and I don’t understand whether to laugh or cry! This drama had so much potential but I agree with you, it was too much to expect from Zanjabeel Asim! In addition I think expecting Bilal Abbas to pick up a good script is also a bit much! I am disappointed by Saba Qamar. Expected much better from her! Anyway, 2 more episodes to go and I’m not sure if I will torture myself or just read ur reviews and be entertained instead! Keep up the good work!

  • Agree with ur review zahra. U had started to dislike the show long back.. Even before the court case started.. For me the downfall start since court case.. As it turned out ti be a huge disappointment. I thought that this show will have a different story telling.. But from last few weeks its just pathetic to say the least. These last 2 episodes were also childish. You just dont feel any emotion while watching the show. The actions by wajih and mannat.. All senseless.

  • You are so right! This is another Balaa. The only way avenge evil to play mind games. The have been wasting time just mark more episodes. What was the point of showing how Haya performed abulation. And Waji is most important character but we don’t get t see his exact state of mind.

  • Everytime my brother n i get unreasonable and ridiculous with each other one of us throws a “maulaaaa maulaaaa” background in between… its hilarious 😂

  • One more thing to be noted, when nayab died mannat regularly offered namaz and carried dupatta. But, now when she is in so called ‘iddat’ she has forgotten what is dupatta & how to pray namaz. She is shown sitting or standing with a cup of tea in her hands all the time.😝 especially in episode 28

  • Such an Amazing review of a pathetic drama!
    Stopped watching a long time me ago it became senseless but i always read your reviews
    Loved loved and laughed so hard at your minminmin comment about yawar hahahaha u r amazing shukar hai abhi ramzan chacha ki minmin nhi a rhi it seems wajih aur chacha ka muqabla chal rha tha minmin karnay ka! 😂 😂

  • I really think that Shayan is alive and will come back in the last episode. I believe this has been a plot for revenge by Mannat and him after Wajih hurt him, Shayan decided it was time to teach him a lesson. It all makes sense than what Mannat is doing and watching the episode is much more fun when u think he is coming back and she is manipulating everyone now. There is no real death or burial scene for Shayan and there was so much for her mother. Mannat never really has flashbacks about him and she doesn’t cry or send Wajih to jail for his murder because he is not dead! It makes sense… and makes watching much better.