Beautiful Singer Aima Baig with her Friend Shahbaz Shigri at an Event

The young and talented Aima Baig is the heart of millions of people. She has been ruling the music industry with her amazing voice and the fashion industry with her spectacular fashion sense. 

Aima shared her pictures on Instagram to keep her fans updated with her routine. She is spending most of her time with her friend, Shahbaz Shigri. Her fans are curious to know what’s going on between both of them. 

They have recently been spotted together at an event along with other celebrities. Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz, Zara Noor, Maya Ali, Uzair Jaswal, Aima Baig, and Shahbaz Shigri were there at Flatie’s Hotel in Lahore. Toni and Guy arranged the event to introduce their new hairstyles. 

Aima looked super hot in a black topless dress while Shahbaz wore a black shirt with black jeans and a grey coat. Check out their latest pictures together. 

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aima baig 8 2

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aima baig 10 1

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