Beauty Blogger Commits Suicide

Amna Atiq, a beauty blogger and Make up artist has commited suicide.

She was also the co-founder of a company called ‘Bonitaaz’ . Amna was 24-years-old married girl and had a young daughter.

She spoke on social media in pain about her life before her demise and after few hours her friends announced that she has committed suicide .

Soon after the death, her company’s official page also confirmed about the death.

Amna had written long notes about her struggling life and how her father has abandoned her. She talked about her struggle with depression.

She has spoken about her abusive marital relationship with her husband. She said that her husband had left her moreover her father hasn’t accepted her afterwards.

In her last live session on Facebook before her death, she sounded extremely exhausted and she was seen crying in the video.

Many people expressed their heartfelt condolences and mourned her death. Her fans were in grief and shock. Her fans are of the view that society and her husband are culprit.

Waqar Zaka also made a video to speak up about it. He explained painful story and requested the people in her life especially the men , to come forward and speak up for her circumstances.

Sanam Baloch has also tweeted about her.

Her tweet reads “This is not only extremely tragic but incredibly cruel on part of the men involved. Why do men think that “ruling” over women is the best way to prove manhood? Our society can neither be truly islamic nor civilized unless we learn to treat our women better. 😞 #JusticeForAmnaAtiq”

Well, we all should spread awareness about mental illness, otherwise we will lose our friends and people in the way of depression. We need to talk about depression and anxiety. We should take care of our friends who suffer from depression.

We all request you to pray for departed soul.



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  • It seems now there are 2 lives of every person especially celebrities. One is real life and one is social media life. The real life is usually made up with problems while social media fills with glitz. This double life actually makes real world life restless and leads toward anxiety and depressive. She was just 24 and was facing critical issues but still she does not want to leave social media platforms and posting everything till last moment. Instead of resolving those issues and settling down and consulting Allah and finding peace of mind, she just took her own life to find a solution and that too she did not want to leave fb/instagram in pain times and last moment. May Allah SWT guide us and our kids on right path and directions since suicide is most worst act to be done.

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