Humayun Saeed And Fahad Mustafa In Dubai

Pakistani Actors have been going to Dubai now a days to promote tourism in Dubai. Faysal Quraishi , Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir , Fahad Mustafa and Humayun Saeed Visited Dubai this month. These actors have been sponsored by Ary Digital.

Last week Nida Yasir , Yasir Nawaz and Faysal Quraishi were in Dubai to promote tourism there. This week Fahad Mustafa and Humayun Saeed have reached Dubai  for “Dubai Chalo “.

Previously only International actors had been invited to promote “My Dubai “.( The  tourism promotion platform for vacationing in Dubai).  They have had JENNIFER Aniston and Nicole Kidman luxuriating aboard the nation’s airlines and Shah Rukh Khan imploring visitors to enjoy all Dubai.
Now it’s turn for Pakistani actors to be part of the event.

Here are the pictures of Fahad Mustafa and Humayun Saeed from their visit.

Screenshot 20190921 232836

Screenshot 20190921 232819

Screenshot 20190921 234730

Screenshot 20190921 234658

Screenshot 20190921 234642

Screenshot 20190921 233327

Screenshot 20190921 233315

Screenshot 20190921 233255

Screenshot 20190921 232849



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