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Best Of Celebrities’ Social Media This Week

There is nothing like social media these days to inform you about who is who and what are they upto. Twitter, Facebook and instagram have take over lives by storm and anything that needs to be seen can be found there. Here are some of our stars’ posts and photos this week and will give you a glimpse of what they have been sharing and caring for these past few days. Firstly, the most heart felt birthday wishes for our birthday boy and girls of the week ; And an adorable thankyou note; Some relationship goals by celebrity couples;        Parenting and stardom, all in the days of one life; This was Ayat Faysal from her own instagram account (yes she has one, with the caption child star)     Some extremely sarcastic ones on the current political situation of our country ;         Style goals from the divas who nailed these looks to perfection ;       A message of love for all her followers from Mehwish Hayat;     And at the end, one by the very gorgeous Mahira Khan, to make you feel better if you have been lazy and negative this week……. We all have our days, even someone like her ;