Best Dress Celebrities At LSA 2016

Lux Style Awards ceremony like every other year was full of glitz and glam. While Pakistani celebrities always pick up the best designers and make up artists on every award function, everyone always makes an extra effort to look their best on LSA 2016 because this award ceremony is not just about celebrating people who contributed to the entertainment industry but it is also about fashion and glamour. It was evident from the dressing of the celebrities this year that very few of our males or females celebrities chose to wear the traditional outfits. Although there are many variations in Shalwar Kameez because of the growth of Pakistani fashion industry but even then the men preferred tuxedos or suits and women preferred wearing party gowns. Some of those celebrities who did not adorn a very modern look in the last year also experimented with their looks. Sajal Ali and Maya Ali were two such celebrities. Sadly enough, even with all the glamour and fashionistas on the red carpet, there weren’t too many amazing outfits or looks that would have blown one away. We have chosen the best out of all the celebrities who wore the most beautiful dresses and their hairstyles and makeovers were also perfect.

Here are the celebrities who dressed and looked the best at the Lux Style Awards 2016.

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan looked stunning in a ball gown which was not only perfect but also very different. It was the ideal color and design. Mahira Khan carried it well. The hairstyle and make up she wore went superbly with her overall look.