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Best Series: I Have Ever Seen!

First of all, I am writing this piece just to share my experience about the certain series that I came across on the internet. This is by no means intended to hurt anyone or impose my beliefs on, nor I am writing it to judge anyone or their choices. I am always prone to learning & I love researching about things that interest me. So, here’s my list of a few series that I watched – not for the sake of entertainment but to actually understand things better.

The Arrivals:

I got to watch this 50 episodes based documentary in 2009. It was produced by Egyptian students Noreagaaa & Achenahr who took this as a project & tried to unveil the secret societies that aren’t so secret. We are indeed surrounded by people who are working in order to please whom they worship. The Arrivals, as the name suggests spoke about the arrival of the false messiah, the antichrist Dajjal & also about the most anticipated arrival of Imam Mahdi (Alayhe Salam) & Prophet Essa (Alayhe Salam). I must say the information they shared in each one of the 10-minute episode was eye-opening. All our lives, being Muslims Allhamdullilah we have heard about the ‘fitnah of Dajjal’ & about the ‘one-eyed Dajjal’ but to actually understand how things rolled & who worshipped him, this series helped me a lot. Their planning doesn’t date back to some years or decade, but it dates back to the time when Pharaohs ruled the world. The main secret societies or rather cults that were exposed are Illuminati & Freemasons.

Illuminati & Freemasonry dates back to the time before Islam. They have always communicated to each other through symbols & certain shapes – clearly their favorite is the triangle or in fact Pyramid would be the appropriate term for it. I never thought I would ever see their symbolism because I thought they were discreet but I was sadly mistaken & fortunately awaken to actually see how we have been surrounded by their agendas throughout our lives. Media is their best chosen mode of communication. Hollywood & it’s celebrities are another one of their stooges which promote what they want them to. It was upsetting to see Disney being involved in conveying the subliminal messages as well in all the cartoons too.

There are certainly a few symbolisms that they use which are a hand gesture that depict Satan, one-eye or rather all-seeing eye, pyramids in each one of their movies or videos in the background, 5 pointed star of David or pentagram, skull & bones, lightning bolt, black & white checkered patterns, numbers 3, 33, 13, 31, hand gesture of number 666 & also America’s helpline number 911 has a significant meaning to them.


I am glad I got a chance to come across this documentary because it always made sense & what I loved the most about it that they didn’t speak about anything without proofs. The didn’t speak about the conspiracy theories in fact they added weight to their research by exposing people with the help of those who are working or have worked for their agenda. The whole series was filled with different interviews, different images that made it easy to understand where they were coming from. Illuminati’s main agenda is to form a One World Government known as New World Order (NWO) which is free of all the religions (Astaghfirullah) & to have people surrendering to their king i-e Dajjal. The series are uploaded on YouTube & also can be downloaded through the torrents. Those who really want to understand & are in search for the truth, I humbly recommend these series to them.

Brasstacks – Economic Terrorism by Zaid Hamid:

I know Zaid Hamid has been in a limelight for certain controversies but I am speaking about his documentary only in which he spoke exactly on the lines of The Arrivals. For me brasstacks was an Urdu version of The Arrivals which was made to convey the message to the people of Pakistan about what was happening around. I appreciate Zaid Hamid’s efforts because he not only spoke about Illuminati & Freemasonry but also about the economic conditions of the world. He made a lot more sense & what appealed to me was the way he started resting the facts from such a grassroot level to make it easier for the people to understand.

(Persian) Yousuf-e-Payambar Alayhe Salam / (Urdu) Hazrat Yousuf Alayhe Salam:

This the by far THE BEST series I have watched ever in my life. It is an Iranian series based on total 45 episodes each of 40 minutes duration, that showcased the life of Prophet Yousuf (Alayhe Salam) in such a detail. Produced in 2008 & acted by the Iranis, the actual series is in Persian but it has been dubbed in Urdu for Pakistani audience as well. I feel the way they have actually showcased the life of Nabi Yousuf (Alayhe Salam) is commendable. Nothing controversial & nothing to put anyone’s beliefs to question, the way they have picturized it, it shows the chronological events that have been discussed in The Chapter # 12 of Holy Qur’an – Surah Yousuf. For me it was an amazing experience to have watched it because the simplicity with which they have portrayed the life & the hardships that our beloved Prophet had to endure, it just gives a breathing to our Imaan & we are left with the feeling of starting afresh. I absolutely loved the series & recommend it to everyone. The series is uploaded on both YouTube & Dailymotion with the title – ‘Hazrat Yousuf (Alayhe Salam)’.


Once again, my only intention was to share something interesting that I have come across till now in my life. These series have left a greater impact on me & I just wanted to share what I have experienced. If you have ever seen a series worth mentioning, please share your choices & if you have seen any of the three that I have spoken of, feel free to pour in your say about them too! :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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