10 Best Turkish Dramas You Should Watch Right Now

Ever since Turkish series Ertugrul started airing on PTV, there has been a massive craze of Turkish drama following in the country. However, we cannot attribute this to PTV alone as before PTV, channel Urdu 1 had done the deed of having Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu and airing on the channel some years ago.

The following was crazy and people fell in love with Turkish content. Since we couldn’t see the Indian saas bahu dramas on our channels after the huge ban, the Pakistani audience went for Turkish dramas with a mighty force. Some of the best ones were even dubbed in Urdu for the awaam here.

However, right now, if you’re looking for watching a really good Turkish series, here we bring you a list of all binge-watch worthy Turkish dramas.

Lets start off with our list;

Here are the best Turkish dramas you should watch.

Ask I Memnu aka Ishq E Mamnoon

This could easily be that very first drama that introduced Pakistanis to Turkish dramas. With a story revolving around a rich older man falling in love with the daughter of a woman who liked him, Ishq E Memnu starred Kivanç Tatlitug and Beren Saat in the lead. The drama drove Pakistani audiences crazy and people turned to the entertainment Turkish dramas offered.

ishq e mamnu 1 ishq e mamnu 2

Fatima Gul aka Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne

Again, this drama starred Beren Saat and the story revolved around a rape survivor and her struggle to get justice from the rich and powerful. Fatima Gul had a moving story that made you realize how real the struggle for justice truly is.

fatimagul 2

fatimagul 1


Following the story of a girl who seeks to avenge her father’s imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit, and his untimely death in prison, Intikaam was based on an English drama titled Revenge that aired on ABC TV. Again this drama starred Beren Saat, who perhaps is one of the finest and best Turkish actresses.

intikam 2 intikaam 1

Feriha aka Adini Feriha Koydum

Starring Hazal Kaya, Feriha, was the story of a poor girl trying to fit in with the elite and falling in love with a rich boy. Feriha had 3 seasons but we’d recommend you to watch the first two as they had a rather catchy storyline going on.

feriha 1

feriha 2

Kaala Paisa Pyaar aka  Kara Para Aşk

Full of thrill and mysteries, this particular Turkish drama offered a unique take on love stories and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

kaala paisa pyar 2 Kaala Paisa Pyar 1

Pyaar Lafzon Main Kahan aka Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

This will be perhaps one of the best foreign language romantic comedies you might have seen. The storyline of the drama was very simple and yet heart touching.

pyar lafzon main kahan 1 pyar lafzon main kahan 2

Mera Sultan aka Muhteşem Yüzyıl

The historical saga  of the old Ottoman empire and its 10th king, the magnificent Sultan Suleman, ruled Pakistan television with its 4 seasons. It is one interesting watch if history and politics and of course love stories are your thing.

mera sultan 2 mera sultan 1


The drama revolved aroud, Omer, who was accused by his best friend and his loved one for crimes that he did not commit. After years in prison, he flees, assumes a new identity, and seeks revenge from all.

ezel 1 ezel 2

The Protector aka Hakan: Muhafız

Hakan is a young shopkeeper whose modern world gets turned upside down when he learns that he is connected to a secret ancient order that is tasked with protecting Istanbul from an immortal enemy.

muhafiz 2 muhafiz 1

Resurrection: Ertugrul aka Dirilis Ertugrul

Ertugrul follows the story of Ertugrul Ghazi, the third son of Suleman Shah and the father of Osman 1, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. This series with its numerous seasons follows the ups and downs of Ertugrul’s life and his conquests.

ertugrul 1 1 ertugrul 2 2

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