Bilal Ashraf Speaks About Yalghar & Rangreza

The newest heartthrob in town Bilal Ashraf is geared up for two major films this year, Yalghaar and Rangreza. He swayed the audiences with his performance in Janaan, is now all set to blows us away with his performance as a soldier in Yalghaar. Being the brand ambassador of Lahore Qalandars, Bilal is currently supporting his team in full swing.

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In a recent interview with a blog, the Janaan star revealed more about his upcoming projects.

When asked how did he manage the time when he’s busy with two films and also attending PSL matches in Dubai?

Bilal replied, “Right now I’ve put a few things on the back burner, trying to finish PSL. I’ll go shoot my film Rangreza, then come back for PSL, then go back to finish the visual effects for Yalghaar which is going to be an Eid release while Rangreza is going to be released this year as well. So big, big year for me, two films this year.”

He will be playing two characters poles apart from each other in real life. “Both films are extremely different. I play a musician in one and an SSG soldier in the other.”

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Bilal added that his work in Yalghaar was physically challenging. “It has lot’s of action in it, we fired live weapons and I did all my stunts myself. So physically it took a lot of toll on me. I had to get into a particular physique for the poster, which you’ll see soon. I dropped myself to 8% body fat for that.”

When asked about the mixed reviews he recieved for his character in Janaan, Bilal replied:

“Janaan was a very one dimensional character; it was very straight forward. But my other characters in Rangreza and Yalghaar have a lot going on.”

Speaking about his role in Janaan, Bilal added “Of course there’s room for improvement. I’m not going to say that anyone’s perfect, we are all always learning. It was my first proper acting job so a lot of room for improvement and I’m trying my level best. The good thing is that I got a lot of love and support from my fans and now because of them, I’m going to work even harder, Inshallah.”

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