Bilal Khan Confirms He is Not Dead!

Yesterday, some news agencies started spreading the news that singer Bilal Khan had passed away. As expected the fans were shocked at the young singer’s untimely death. The rumors reached the singer himself and he finally decided to put a rest to them by posting a post on his instagram account to deny them.

Thank God, he hasn’t joined Amjad Sabri, Qandeel Baloch and other departed souls in the next world yet, as the picture in the article wrongly depicted. His fans, in the comments section, expressed how shocked and heartbroken they were at the news. But there were some who said they knew the rumors were baseless and even joked that he should call in a press conference to confirm that he is indeed alive.

It’s unfortunate when some of our news agencies report such ‘non-existent’ incidents without bothering for a confirmation. We are glad to inform you that the young singer is healthy and well and also pray for his long, successful life.

Arsala Khalid