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Ohkay, before saying ANYTHING, I’d like to excuse for making this post so lengthy because I didn’t want to miss out most of the things. Just like TV & its content has been a part of our lives; the advertisements hold a level of significance too. I just sighted the mood to take a walk down the memory lane & tried watching all those good ol’, simple, to-the-point & perfect advertisements with those catchy tunes & unforgettable jingles. I thought it would be great to kill the nostalgia & refresh our memories related to these amazing amazing advertisements from the past. So, there you go:

Naz Pan Masala:

I mean seriously, who doesn’t remember the tag line ‘Meri Muthi Mai Bandh Hai Kya, Bata Do Na, Ting Ting’. I had such a good time watching this ad in particular & loved how chic Arfa Siddique looked in it.

01 Naz Pan Masala

State Life Insurance:

‘Aye Khuda Mere Abbu Salamat Rahain’ was sort of a children’s anthem back in those days when this advertisement frequented our TV screens. It’s such a nice jingle, isn’t it?

02 State Life

Diamond Supreme Foam:

‘Kaam Kaam Kaam’ has to be another one of those jingles that clicked to everyone.

03 Diamond


‘Zinda Dilon Ki Pehchaan, Pepsi Pepsi Pakistan’. I mean Pepsi, Vital Signs & on top of it the then sensation Dil Dil Pakistan all rolled into one. I still remember what a massive hit this jingle was.

04 Pepsi


Another one of those ads which was a part of our TV routine. It had a cartoonish version too which was a treat to watch for the kids especially.

05 Dentonic


‘Naam Hi Kafi Hai’ & ‘Waves Ka Triplet Wah Bhai Wah’ were two ads by the company that add more to the memories & on a side note I think this must be Noor’s first ever ad & can’t deny how gorgeous she looks.

06 Waves 1

06 Waves 2

Phillips Bulb:

Starring Huma Nawab & Ayaz Khan ‘Phillips Ka Tara Chamak Raha Hai, Naam Se Har Ek Maang Raha Hai’ ad & the jingle was a treat to watch after so many years.

07 Phillips Bulb

Ding Dong:

I know the Hilal Company have literally spoiled the Moti Billi’s reputation by those never-ending & painfully long recent jingles but when it was introduced, it did strike a chord & I know it might be annoying for the elders but being a 8 y/o I loved the ad back then.

08 Ding Dong

Peak Freans:

The bag piper & the flute tune brought back some great memories & I believe it was just the right way of selling the biscuits.

09 Peak Freans


‘Fashion Ki Dunya Mai Chaya, Sabhi Ke Dilon Mai Samaya’ (lol) was just the right way of selling Bonanza suiting & the angrez model did some trick too.

10 Bonanza

Cherry Blossom:

Set at a theme of children’s story books, this ad was special in its own way & I’d make a point clear that this went on-air years before my birth year. ;)

11 Cherry Blossom

Don Carlos:

I must say the tune was mesmerizing & the picturization was artistic. I loved this ad the moment I watched it.

12 Don Carlos

Gillette Blue:

The ‘cha cha cha chainnnn’ ad & I was surprised to see (if not mistaken) Surmed Sultan Khoosat being the face of this brand.

13 Gillette Blue

Gogo Pan Masala:

‘Naya Zamana Aya, Apne Saath Gogo Laya’, enough said. :)

14 Gogo Pan Masala


‘Bhool Na Jana Phir Papa’ was the jingle of this ad & also included a whole story of how much this little cutie loves it. It was a perfect ad.

15 Naurus

Morven Gold:

This ad made me fall in love with Arizona & those mountain peaks. It had more adventurous touch to it depicting the nature of those who smoke. The execution of the ad was great.

16 Morven Gold

Jaam e Shireen:

No specific jingle rings a bell but their marketing techniques are worth an appreciation.

17 Jam-e-Shireen

Kala Kola:

Picturized in the remote area of Mount Kailash, this ad completed its purpose by adding ‘Kalay Kalay Baal Mere, Ye Gori Gori Rangat Meri’. That’s like killing two birds with one stone even though Kala Kola does nothing for one’s complexion. :)

18 Kala Kola

Brook Bond:

We have later seen a lot of versions of this brand but thought of sharing an oldie but a goodie which featured Imran Khan. He looks so cool!

19 Brook Bond

Health Hazard:

Who doesn’t remember Wasim Akram’s ‘Nahi Jee, Mai Cigarette Nahi Peeta’. I was surprised to see Adeel Hashmi playing the role of an awestruck spectator & Wasim’s fan. Thought it would add more to the memories.

21 Cigarette

So, this was the list. I remembered so many advertisements but couldn’t find any video or picture related to them. The one I wanted to share the most was memorable ‘Shahi Supari’s ad which had a jingle saying ‘Achi Si Ek Gari Ho, Larki Us Mai Pyari Ho…’. BP Spacer, Tuc by Lu, Lipton Hi To Hai La Jawab, Bio Amla; Kyunki Ye Hai Baalon Ka Mamla, Jahan Dalda Wahan Mamta, Tullo, Dawlence, Mattress ad of Meri Nanhi Pari Naye Ghar Ko Chali & also the hilarious ad of Gaye Soap which would flash on TV screens saying ‘Gaye Soap Bananay Walon Ki Janib Se Tamam Ahl-e-Watan Ko Eid Mubarik’ were some of those advertisements that are a part of my memory.

Share what you felt about the article, these advertisements, your memories, & also feel free to add more to the list. :)

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