Izteraab – Episode 11!

So this episode was based on what’s Zara’s going through & what’s she feeling. I think Dua’s character has definitely taken a nice turn & she is making some sense right now. I think the treatment Dua’s character has gotten is worth an appreciation because finally, they showed a supposed dumb & shallow girl taking right decisions & even standing up for her rights but politely by literally not rubbing her position into other’s faces. All points to Dua!

Obviously, Jazib was oblivious of what he should’ve done but just because Dua showed him the right direction, he understood that Zara needs to feel welcomed because she is not well. The last thing I want to see was Jazib rekindling his feelings for Zara because he is seeing her with an eye of sympathy. If he feels so much & now thinks he can be vocal about his thoughts, then he must take care of Dua’s feelings because she allowed Zara to come to their home for Jazib’s sake. Dua is tolerating all the criticism & those glances just because she loves Jazib & wants to see him happy & unburdened. She has never taken advantage of him & has never once exploited his love to earn something but sadly Zara is unable to see that.

I think to show her suffering was enough instead of letting the kids know about it as well where they took the name of that disease like 10 times & succeeding in making me cringe. I think this drama has exposed the kids to a lot of things like first a broken marriage then the concept of polygamy & now the reaction to a certain disease. The drama makers need to understand that whenever they hire a child artist, they are catering to the young & immature viewers too because they can relate to their age-fellows seen on the TV, so they need to rethink what sort of material they want the kids to be exposed to.

Zara dreads seeing her kids getting derailed because of Dua’s negligence but I think Zara needs to understand that Dua might not have played such a major role in spoiling them as much as Zara’s decision of moving out from their home did. The kids are shattered so they’re resorting to things they deem fit because their mother’s away & father’s too busy in his work & business trips. Also, Dua gets a leeway as she can’t be too stern with the kids to earn herself a label of being a bad step mother. She tries to deal with them with as much affection & care as she can extend but just because Zara’s kids give Dua a hard-time, Zara should first teach them some manners & then in return expect Dua to fulfill her duty properly.

I liked the ending scene where Dua managed to make a subtle point of her notifying her presence in Jazib’s life. Even though she doesn’t say much but she knows when’s the right time to react which makes her character a lot more likable & real as this is her right too. She moved into this mess just because she loved Jazib & not only him but the baggage that came with him as well, so for that she had every right to protect herself & stand up for herself.

I am kind of concerned about the seriousness of Zara’s disease because her shiny curled locks & rosy pink lips aren’t giving away much about her illness & to add more to it her energy with which she shuns Dua away is making things seem a bit unrealistic. Let’s see what happens next.

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