Bold Scenes From Drama Serial Fitrat

Drama serial Fitrat is the new drama that is gaining viewership and popularity. It has been written by Nuzhat Saman and directed by Asad Jabal. It airs on Geo TV 5 days a week and because of the number of episodes, it is becoming easier for the viewers to follow this drama.

Drama serial Fitrat revolves around Faria, a character played by Saboor Aly who is unapologetically ambitious, to the point that she has turned into a gold-digger. The story of drama serial Fitrat is definitely not new but the way it is being told is definitely grabbing the interest of the audience. However, those who are watching this drama are not holding back in voicing their opinions about the boldness of shown in the drama in regards to marital relationships. The drama is still in the initial stages and it does have the potential of getting better and interesting, but viewers do feel the boldness was definitely not required.

Fitrat’s cast includes Saboor Aly, Ali Abbas, Zubab Rana, Mirza Zain Baig, Kamran Gillani, Ayesha Gul, Seemi Pasha, Farhan Saeed, and others. The story so far has shown two couples who have gotten married and the director as well as the actors didn’t really hold back in showcasing the close proximity that married couples share. There was also a sequence that suggested that Faria has been infidel and those scenes were definitely too bold.

Let’s have a look at the bold and questionable scenes from the drama serial Fitrat:

Faria and Shehbaz Making Future Plans

This was probably the first glimpse that the viewers got of what was in store for them. The director as well as the actors Saboor Aly and Ali Abbas didn’t hold back in showing how much Faria and Shehbaz were in love with each other. Shehbaz resided in Karachi whereas Faria was in Islamabad, therefore Shehbaz would come to see her every now and then and their conversations were too cheesy. This scene was definitely a bit too bold because the entire conversation took place in a similar manner where Faria had rested her head on Shehbaz’s chest and the couple happily made future plans together!

Suggestive Camera Angle

In the drama serial Fitrat, Saboor Aly has definitely worked a lot in giving the character of Faria a certain kind of look. She has opted for skin-fit dresses which have accentuated her figure to the max. She has also worn a variety of silk nighties and robes. In this scene, the camera angle was definitely awkward, because the entire focus was on what Faria was wearing. The scene ended with Shehbaz talking about his intentions of having dinner with his wife, followed by a suggestive smirk.

One Too Many Hugs

Faria and Shehbaz were a bit too much in love, therefore they did not miss any opportunity that they got to hug each other. Faria’s mother Sadia also got married to the love of her life behind her children’s back, therefore she too got the opportunity to hug him out.

Faria Taking Her Sugar Daddy To The Room

In this drama, the concept of sugar daddy was shown in detail, turning Faria into an adulteress. The good thing was that Shahbaz found out about it at the beginning of the drama and his friend told him that she has been taking such favors from different men every now and then. In this scene, Faria is seen taking Rashid, a man thrice her age to the room to entertain him.

Faria Talking About The Favors She Has Gotten So Far

In a conversation with Rashid, Faria expresses her disappointment that all the things Rashid has done for her are definitely not enough. She wasn’t too happy that he would only entertain her with hotelling, shopping, and a diamond ring. She frankly lets him know that she wants more, probably a property to her name and Rashid, being totally smitten by her says yes.

Faria’s Infidelity

The previous episode ended at a note where it was hard to decipher the kind of relationship Faria and Rashid shared but this particular bold scene made it pretty clear. In this scene, both Faria and Rashid are seen wearing silk night robes with Rashid being totally wooed by her and Faria seemingly having the time of her life.

The Ultimate Pillow Fight

This scene, in particular, was cringeworthy but amusing as well because it was hard to believe that a scene of this nature was being shown on Pakistani television where not only Faria and Rashid’s illegitimate relationship was being explained but was shown how Faria would entertain her guest.

Faria’s Intentions

Faria has gotten divorced from Shahbaz because he found out about her adultery. However, now Faria has stumbled upon Arbaz, who happens to be Shahbaz’s younger brother. Faria makes it very clear that she now wants to settle for another wealthy man and intends to stay with him for a few years before making another move!

Sadia and Khalid’s Romance

Faria’s mother Sadia has also gotten married to Khalid and it seems the actors also were quite comfortable with the idea of showcasing a marital relationship in a drama.

This completes the list of bold scenes shown in the drama serial Fitrat. Are you following this drama? Do you think it is appropriate to bring this level of boldness to Pakistani dramas or the drama-makers use this tactic to grab the attention of the viewers? Feel free to share your opinion.


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  • Don’t know about bold but this was a lot of cringe especially that bed scene! TBH Geo’s boldest move was showing a bi character in Raaz e Ulfat!

  • I think they are going the “Jalan” way.Our society is very hypocritical.They don’t want intimate/close scenes or controversial/taboo topics discussed in dramas.They report dramas like Udaari to pemra for talking and educating about child sexual abuse very decently and get udaari banned.However, these same people give maximum trps to shows showing extra marital affairs like ishq e mamnu, Jalan and Meray paas tum ho.This vulgarity was applauded and appreciated by these same people.Each episode of Jalan has atleast 5-6 million views on YouTube.People enjoy all the close, seduction scenes of Minal Khan and Emmad Irfani.That’s why a trashy show like that is so popular.Now, other channels are just following suit for more trps and popularity.

  • The stories of late being aired have nothing new to offer. The bold scenes are definitely a bait to attract viewership. Nothing new in the story. A bit unrealistic too, I would say.

  • Failed to understand how you define a bold scene? Wearing a night dress is a bold attempt, they are showing how a girl just for the sake of money can go so low and her mother is on the same boat. They both are characterless type of women so they have to show these things otherwise a decent shy can’t portray that character simple!

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