Bollywood Has Fuelled The Rise of Islamophobia, Says Mehwish Hayat

Mehwiah Hayat today while speaking to sky news has accused Film industry on stereotyping Pakistan with gun culture and terrorism, she said the way Bollywood and Hollywood showed us with bearded men and guns and having subjugated women has really affected us. She also said that the way Pakistani people are portrayed in Hollywood and Bollywood has “fuelled the rise of Islamophobia”.

She said wherever I go people use to ask so you are from the terrorist country, surrounded by gun culture, which is wrong we are not like that. I believe film is the medium that can show real picture of pakistan.

She said atleast portray the fair picture of pakistan do search about what we really are, I am not saying to portray all positive picture but at least a fair picture.

We are so proud of eloquent and opinionated girl who is responsibly raising her voice for the positive image of Pakistan.

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  • Ms. Hayat is herself a stooge of her country’s political class, and fails to acknowledge the role of Pakistan in sponsoring terrorism in India and Afghanistan. And Ms. Hayat is also apparently unaware that the creme-de-la-creme of Bollywood is mostly Muslim (the Khans and many others). So what Islamophobia is she talking about? If she wants to talk racism and communalism, she should consider why no Hindu has ever been allowed to rise to a prominent role in Pakistan’s sports or to become a cultural icon in her own country. The current PM Imran Khan unfairly kicked out Anil Dalpat from the Pakistani cricket team back in his playing days, and in the decades since, not a single Hindu has ever been featured, whilst Muslims have been mainstays in India’s cricket teams (many also becoming captains).

    • ” she should consider why no Hindu has ever been allowed to rise to a prominent role in Pakistan’s sports or to become a cultural icon in her own country” ……..

      maybe coz they are useless and talentless??? O_O

      • No, maybe because there are no Hindus left in pakistan after ethnic cleansing.. This is the real reason.

      • My dear plz do search no hindu in Pakistan is un secured but a proud Pakistani taking part in politics as will as business icon their properties are safe and no rights is violated. But in India if any Muslim even Khan in Bollywood differs with RSS HIS Films become flop. Actors are Muslim but producers directors and writers are sponsors of Hindu tawa. Hollywood always remains biased. Is any Indian and Hollywood movie based on Muslim character they always reflects negativity hence Mehwish is rightly opined plz don’t manuered opinion

  • They show the reality of islamic jiihad and terrorism on one god believer .what is problem in norway ? Kosovo , chechniya , ugyrs , pattani , marawi .Palestine , Kashmir , rohingya , Bali , UK , Canada , Belgium .. all infested by Islamic jihad and separatism .

  • Mawish comments are true, about anti Muslim /pak stero types of BW films,given speech is just a reactionist response. Pakistani films,dramas,web series should be made ,and pak gov’t should endorse it ,to give pak narrative on Kashemir, info/pak tensions,and extremist movement of India ,this is how Pakistan can spread pak narrative ! This will make a impact ,not reacting and wishing that BW and HW would will start to make pro Pakistani films and web series ,it will not happened,because their agendas is anti Pakistani and Muslim !

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