Usman Mukhtar-the new heartthrob in “Anaa”

Something has to be seriously good for you to profess your crush publicly and your genuine admiration is a common knowledge among your friends and family. A piece of art is meant to entertain and if it connects and pleases, even better. Falling in love with a fictitious character depends on the reader’s imagination and on author’s writing craft. Creating and portraying such a character on screen depends on the craftsmanship of the director and the actor. I have witnessed one such character after a long time – Altamash in Anaa drama.

Usman Mukhtar 3

Watching Pakistani dramas is my only relaxation after work. “Zindagi Gulzar hai” still holds the top position in every aspect – story, dialogues and dialogue delivery, nothing has surpassed it yet. However, after Fawad Khan, Usman Mukhtar in “Anaa” grabbed my attention. In love with Altamash, the character played by Usman, and there are a number of reasons for this crush.

Usman Mukhtar 2

Firstly it is Usman’s tone and dialogue delivery, secondly the dialogues are well written. The character demands a presence and Usman has done justice to this role. The story itself is not great but dialogues, location and Cinematography make it worth watching.

Character of Altmash has overshadowed role of the main lead in the drama. It is evolvement of love between Altmash and Izza that has kept the audience captivated. He seem to be living up to the dialogue that he said in one of the earlier episodes ” Mohabbat se bari bewakoofi duniya mein koi nahi….. muhabaat hoti nahi hai sahi jaga per ke jati hai”. He seems to have gradually developed feelings for Izza and is careful with how he expresses it. The budding romance between these two characters has made it worth a watch, as people can relate with the emotions portrayed.


Each episode is eagerly awaited and the scenes of Althamsh seem to be the highlight of each episode. As the drama is moving towards its climax it would be difficult to replace it. It would be replaced with usual predictable mundane storyline that is being churned in the bulk productions that we witness nowadays.

Wish Usman will continue to do good scripts to maintain the euphoria he has created. Signing off, with loads of love and best wishes to Usman Mukhtar and our drama Industry.

Written By: Shazia chowdhry


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Exactly my sentiment, eloquently described. Wishing Usman Mukhtar best of luck for future endeavors.

  • No doubt we all have fallen in love with the character of Altamash and credit goes to Usman Mukhtar’s flawless performance and unique dialogue delivery. May he shine like a star always.

  • Yes he is a strong character grabbing viewers attention . Wish him best of luck in future

  • It’s true that usman has performed awesome work….no doubt he is a superstar of Pakistan ..and Pakistan need this type of new faces…its good for our industry. ..and best of luck usman and naimal for your upcoming dramas and movie’s…

  • Totally agree…after Fawadkhan…Usman Mukhtar setting high standards. Excellent aura, dialogue delivery…and best of all…that subtle tone he uses…the matter of factly kind. Thoroughly enjoying anaa because of him. Plz choose ue serials wisely…all the best UM ♥️

  • Such characters are no more admired in real life.. such a rude and arrogant attitude and personality he has!!! gone are the days of angry appealling men!!!

  • Hi , I totally agree to whatever you have written …… best of luck Usman Mukhtar for your future projects

  • Altmash and Izza ♥️♥️
    Wanna see you both in more dramas ,
    All the best for your up coming projects ..

  • Wonderful actor so much confidence and style he comes from a film back ground his mum was in films back the 1960’s

    • OMG that’s precisely what I thought of too! Infact its why I started watching anaa in the first place :P the dynamic between izza and altamash is reminiscent of darcy and elizabeth.

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