Bollywood Movie Raanjhanaa Banned in Pakistan!

If you still follow Bollywood movies strictly, you must be amused to know that the recently released movie “Raanjhanaa” starring Sonam Kapoor, Dhanush and Abhay Deol has been banned in Pakistan and will not be making its way to the Pakistani Cinemas. 

The story revolves around a love story of a Muslim-Hindu couple and due to the possible oppositions from the religious elements within the country, the film censor board has banned the movie. Although, no thanks to piracy, the DVDs of the movie are available widely across the nation, Arshad Ali, a senior government official and chairman of the board said:

The censor board did not clear this movie because of its controversial story. The board recommended that the movie’s storyline could offend the majority Muslim population in the country and a law and order situation could arise in response.


The movie is ruling the Indian box office for its uniqueness and acting been done by the actors. While the music is enjoying to be a hit on chartbusters, even the Pakistani audience is appreciating the movie so far. 


Pakistan’s censor board has always been extra careful towards the airing of Bollywood movies that are based on sensitive issues that can raise violence within the country.

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Nida Zaidi


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  • this film is openly available in market on DVD, cable TV are onairing it on daily basis, and the so far it has not offended "majority Muslim population in the country" and no law and order situation has arised so far.

    Our bureaucracy and censor board are know to make some of weirdest and stupid decisions with equal stupid justifications to support their verdict. This time the objection is its a love story between two religions a muslim girl and a hindu boy. Whats unusual in it, there are many indian films made already and viewed gleefully by pakistani audience, like veer zaara, zakham, bombay. Their songs were famous and especially veer zaara was watched by masses on dvd and cable with families.

    What is the criteria of censoring films, where indian films like jism and murder got censored and released in our theaters while film like ranjhana are banned.

    Also there are many films in which the story is opposite i.e. a hindu girl and a muslim boy, this topic is one of the favorites in our films and dramas and filmed and onaired many times. Like lollywood movies, tere pyar mein, border, musalman and many more, in tv dramas side, there are also many made on this topic. If making such topic is fine and not objectionable why its opposite is objectionable.

  • Ban karna hai to thek se karen ke dvd aur web links bhe block hoon.
    khair I'm still uncomfortable with such topics where the girl is always Muslim. Hated veer-zaara too.

  • fuzool mein banned kiya hai jbkay aisa kuch nhi is film mein its just a love story religion ko point out nhi kiya human nature ko kiya hai.n hindu muslims love stories r common in india agar banned karna hai to sharukh khan ki movie ko karo usne hindu se shadi ki hai yeh bhi hamaray religion kay against hai .all these r nonsense n nthing…n banned karna hai to sb movies ko karo phir …

  • This movie has a lot of swearing involved however, the story of the movie is very good. SPOILER ALERT:

    Unlike other Muslim-Hindu movies, this movie shows Sonam Kapoor who is the Muslim lead not ready to marry Dhanush as he is Hindu. Also, Dhanush is so in love with Sonam that he is ready to convert to Islam for her.

  • One should just ask as to why Indian do not make movie in which a Hindu Girl falls in love with a Muslim Boy; whether Indian or Pakistani? Let us get out of our idiosyncrasies that Indian are our lovers……………..
    Fact remains that actually Indian Girls got in love with Pakistani Boys, Reena Roy with Mohsin Hassan, Salma Agha with Javed Sheikh and of late Sania Mirza with Shoaib Malik, but in their movies A Muslim/ Pakistani Girl would go after a Hindu or Sikh Boy, why so and always???????
    Think if Allah has given you sense, and you are a Pakistani by soul and heart… Take good care!

    • Came by Chance. Have to respond to Tipu. The situation with Hindu Girl and Muslim Boy doesn't happen in Indian Movies simply because it happens in real life. Dude, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Saif Ali Khan are all married to Hindu Women in their real lives. There are more cases as well in real life across the country. We don't make a fuss about it in India.
      However, I ask a simple question, In the majority of these marriages, why is it that the non muslim woman is expected to convert to Islam for the sake of marriage?
      Cant both live as Human Beings respecting each other's religion as equals?
      Strange that you talk this, as your country "Islamic" Pakistan is best friends of "Athiest" china who doesnt believe in your GOD. Grow up. Dont bring religion into everything whenever it suits you.

  • If you don't like it, then don't watch it. Why do you have to tell us how to make our movies? Do we tell you not to ban stuff in your country or how to make lollywood movies?

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