Box Office Report of All 3 Big Films

The position of the movies on box office on the end of second week showed that the movies were started in buzz of Eid ul Azha and were expected to do much business as every year Nabeel Qureshi and Humayun Saeed used to do business on same eid but these films altogether could only manage to earn 38 crore on 11th day which is less than Humayun Saeed and Nabeel ‘s production, that clearly shows that on eid two movies are enough to be released and after twenty to thirty days is the good time for another movie to release like Ali Zafar released Teefa in trouble after a month of Eid ul Azha which actually proved his strategy as game changer, he alone collected 50 crore in pakistan but it is fact that Teefa in trouble was outstanding in terms of Screenplay, cinematography, cast, music and acting but still his move of releasing movie late was right.

Here are the two weeks collection of all the three movies.

Eid Holidays ( Mon- Thur): 8.20 crore
Eid Weekend ( Fri- Sun): 5 crore
7 Day Extended Eid Weekend: 13.2 crore
Weekdays ( Monday- Thursday): 1.8 crore
11 Day Extended Week 1: 15 crore

Paray hat love

Eid Holidays ( Mon- Thur): 8.4 crore
Eid Weekend ( Fri- Sun): 5 crore
7 Day Extended Eid Weekend: 13.4 crore
Weekdays ( Monday- Thursday): 1.6 crore
11 Day Extended Week 1: 15  crore

Heer maan ja
Eid Holidays ( Mon- Thur): 3.8 crore
Eid Weekend ( Fri- Sun): 1.3 crore
7 Day Extended Eid Weekend: 5.1 crore
Weekdays ( Monday- Thursday): 0.68 crore
11 Day Extended Week 1: 5.78 crore

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Screenshot 20190824 223622
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