Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 2 Story Review – Trade-off

Tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho introduced another major character in the story and it also revealed a little bit more about the other characters. So far, the focus has been entirely on the leading characters and what seems somewhat odd is that so far we don’t know much about the background of these characters. Apart from everything which Danish has shared about his father, the writer has not revealed much about the families of these characters which makes it difficult to relate to their situations at times.

We found out in this episode that Danish and Mehwish were madly in love even before they got married and Mehwish was expecting more from Danish. Mostly, when leading characters are introduced, their families are also shown but this second episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho was a lot like the first one which left a lot of room for speculations. The only surprising aspect of this episode was everything which was revealed about Anoushey’s character, other than that everything else went as expected.

The Trade-off

Danish decided to make a really difficult trade-off in the previous episode when he chose to go against everything his father had taught him to please his wife. The trade-off he made turned out to be quite lucrative since the department he was in (like most of the government departments) entertained officers who chose to ‘cooperate’ with the bigwigs more than an honest person. Danish’s attitude clearly showed that he ‘loved’ his wife enough to do something which was clearly against everything he had ever believed in, ‘abba ko laat marna’ dialogue pretty much summed up what this trade-off meant to him. Danish however was quite happy with this decision since this was the only way to please his wife. Danish’s becharapan and his bholapan was further elaborated by showing how Mehwish was not home when he came with the gift. From this episode and the promo of the next one, it was quite evident that Danish will be the ‘victim’ in this story and Mehwish is going to be the one who will be responsible for everything he does wrong.

Meray Pass Tum Ho 3

Mehwish’s character comes across as more immature than anything else since she isn’t entirely careless but then she went away for the entire day and did not even message her husband. She is greedy and materialistic enough to ‘compromise’ on values and principles. She is more ‘flexible’ and ‘open-minded’ than her husband. At the mehndi, she was okay with drinking and she gave Shahwar an inquisitive glance when Anoushey was telling her all about him. Shahwar was attracted to Mehwish right away and the way Danish sensed that was the most interesting and relatable aspect of this episode.

The Modern Friend

Anoushey, it seems is going to be a ‘bad influence’ on Mehwish. Anoushey is rich but definitely not classy. The way she looked at Mehwish when she wanted to keep her jewelry bag with her was condescending. This made me wonder why Danish didn’t know just how modern she was or that she was divorced. Although Danish and Mehwish have been married for a few years but conversations like the ones they had on the mehndi make it look like, they are just getting to know each other and the people associated with them.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode didn’t have anything grand to offer, the story so far is pretty simple and there is nothing new about it. Nadeem Baig’s direction in this episode was more impressive than Khalil-ur-Rehman’s script. Ayeza Khan gave a solid performance and Adnan Siddiqui’s acting was also effortless in this episode. Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed share great on-screen chemistry because of which even though the script leaves you confused at times, these two are convincing in their respective roles. I absolutely love the child star playing their son’s role.

Mehwish is a very attractive woman and her husband knows that. Danish’s dialogues about not wanting to use things which have been in someone’s use already showed how possessive he was about his wife. This was his way of telling the neighbor off who was clearly more interested in Mehwish. This episode also ended too quickly and it basically covered one more day in Danish and Mehwish’s life. When Hira Mani said that Danish was the actual ‘heroine’ of this drama, I didn’t quite get what she meant but after watching these two episodes I am pretty sure now that Danish is going to be the male version of the bechari aurat who doesn’t get the love and respect she deserves from her spouse. The story is predictable but I am waiting to see how it’s covered.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

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  • Yes the episode ended quickly without even one comnercial break!
    Ikr, anushe is not “classy” or something. She’s only rich and that’s it.
    How come Danish was still an average middle-class man till just a few days ago? Hadn’t he come across people like Mohabbat Khan before too with such persuasive lectures to give? I mean, considering how manipulative Mahvish is by nature, Danish should have taken this route a long ago. Anyway! I know the story is not new but if the execution is, I’ll follow it. One thing, humayun saeed is not young enough to be doing such roles. Faisal qureshi, noman ejaz have stopped working as young leads so should he because even his voice has started trembling as an agr factor. Long story short, he’s not suitable in this role.

    • he would have been ok if they had written a mature character for him but this is ridiculous that they met while studying & fell in love, now that is a bit too much

    • Yes, seems like their lives and stories have just started which is definitely odd! Humayun Saeed was quite convincing as Mohid but here yes the bholapan is a bit too much at times.

      • I feel like it’s how the characters have been written. Mohid and Danish both love(d?) their wives but the former was still a formidable figure and had a life other than pleasing and gushing over his life. Danish…well…comes off more as a loser here with his puppy love.

        • Yes, I agree, everyone loves HS as Mohid therefore I feel he probably decided to another such character again but like you said Danish so far is nothing like Mohid.

  • I always like Ayeza in any proud/negative character. In this drama too, she is quite impressive and looking gorgeous too. I think most Interesting dialogues are given to Danish boss. His few minutes presence leaves mark. Baqi drama bas theek hai, but review is intelligently written.

  • Hi Fatima. Nothing much to say. I too liked the ‘laat marna’ dialogue. The scene i like most was, Danish not telling his wife about the necklace he brought for her. He understood that if he does not fulfill his wife’s any wish immediately, she will get the thing by her own. Means, she will not be a typical husband dependent type of wife. Also, she does not bother herself to discuss anything with him before doing something. If she would have done, then he would have stop her to purchase the necklace and reveal that he has already brought one for her, anyways. One thing i could not digest that one day before Anoushey takes his husband’s permission to lend money to Mehwish and the next day we heard that they get divorced, strange. Still story is not attracting me enough. I appreciate your honesty with 2.5 star rating, you don’t get biased by names like KRQ or nadeem baig or any star cast unnecessarily.

    • About Anoushey’s husband. We assumed she was asking her husband for money too.

      But I think ‘Asim’ (?) who was funding her shopping spree is her brother (who is getting married). And Adnan’s character was introduced as Asim’s boss which would explain why Anoushey took the dulha to greet Adnan when he arrived.

      • you are right, her brother name is Aamir and Adnan is his Boss and she takes money from Aamir for shopping. And her husband, whose name is not revealed, is already divorced or getting divorce with Anoushey. Another thing, Adnan in restuarant was saying that he is very good dancer which shocked me because i can’t imagine Adnan Siddiqui dancing and in next moment in Shaadi or mangni whatever it is, he danced. Very little hand movements and whole body is like concrete pillar, what a bad dance it was. They would have shown his richness in some other way.

    • I felt it was odd that he didn’t even mention that he had bought the
      necklace, it was something worrisome yet he just didn’t care. I think Anoushey was calling her brother and not husband. We assumed, it must be her husband but she was shopping for her brother. Yes, nothing appealing about the story and this episode ended abruptly and too quickly, really strange.

      Thank you so much Aamer, I always try to give my honest opinion without being swayed away by big names.

  • My burning question for this episode is whether Danish bought the right necklace after all and where is that one? Is it just hidden in the house waiting for the next time Mehwish cleans?

    I dunno about this one. There are high points but mainly I’m slightly irritated about how helpless and ‘innocent’ they’re showing Danish to be and how thoughtless and greedy Mehwish is. Mehwish’s character isn’t new. I keep remembering Sonia Mishal’s character in Khasara where every man she met seemed to be in love with her.

    I think you’re completely right about how shocked Danish was about Anoushey when in the next episode he’s going to call her his ‘behen jesi’.

    • Haha yes, still waiting for it to make an appearance. Danish is like a kid and one with ADD, so excited to see his wife happy, forgot all about the necklace!

      Khasara was also a copy of Mere Khawab Reza Reza, which was actually a good play even know the characterizations were similar to this one but at least at that time it was a new concept, now it has been done to death – from women ‘selling’ their husbands to being wooed by rich men LOL!! I know right! That conversation on the mehndi between the husband and wife was really strange, do they even talk to each other?

  • Thanks for a very honest review, Fatima. It seems like ARY is back to recycling its script. Ayeza and Humayoun’s characters are very similar to Sonia and Junaid Khan’s characters in Khasara and Adnan is similar to Mikaal. The only difference is that in Khasara, Sonia had a sensible friend who tried to always guide her in the right way whereas here, Anoushay will push her friend towards Adnan. I think its only the actors that are making this watchable for how. The script has nothing new to offer. Also, Humayoun looks way older than Ayeza so it would’ve been more believable if he was shown to be an older cousin instead of her college mate. The random dude who brings mithai was creepy and it’s odd that Mehwish was a ok with being admired by any and everyone.

    • You’re most welcome Kanwal. Actually, Khasara was also a recycled script which was highly inspired from the drama Mere Khawab Reza Reza Which aired on HUM in 2011. Sumbal Iqbal played the role Mehwish is playing, Syed Jibran was the devoted husband and Noman Masood was the rich guy who played a role similar to that of Mikaal/Adnan Siddiqui. It was a good drama with quite a few surprises, an original is always better than a copy LOL!! You should watch it if its available online. I feel Ayeza Khan has underplayed this character but essentially Mehwish is someone who likes such attention is quite ‘flexible’.

  • Nice review and yes right now, Humayun is the heroine of this drama
    You review Mein na janoo as well right?

  • Mehwish buht khubsurat ha. Kasam se mujy to bari badsurat lagi. Har banda jo tareef karta ha, mind karny ki bjaey muskarati ha matlab agly ko barhawa deti ha.
    I think in this relationship Mehwish doesn’t give Danish the importance he deserves. In these 2 episodes i haven’t seen her talking about anything else than money except for 1 or 2 brief sentences in which she showed her love but even that was not wholeheartedly. She doesn’t tell him about anoushay because she knows how Danish will react if she tells him because i feel she knows exactly how Anoushay is. Danish was finding it odd just like any man like Danish will. She was giving shahwar a glass of wine and then dancing with him and her brother had no issues at all. Mehwish deliberately doesn’t tell Danish about Anoushay. On the other hand Anoushay is weird as well. She is not classy but she behaves with Romi really well and very loving towards him. In khalil sahab’s script female lead is always the one who runs the show. It doesn’t matter if she is negative or positive but somehow she is behind everything that happens in the script. I think this drama will kick start when Mehwish will leave Danish. I think this drama should have started where Mehwish left and this story should be a dream sequence like tou dil ka kya hua and mohabbat tum se nafrat hai. ‘Abba ko laat marny wala’ dialogue was too good. It was deep and relatable especially when he said, ‘ub dekhna yaad aaeyn gy na khawabein aaeyn gy’
    So far good drama and outstanding review

  • Nice review.
    I read a chapter in my fsc book in which a female sold off her hair to buy a chain for her husband’s watch, and the husband sells his watch to buy some comb for his wife.
    That chapter was a tragedy/a classic, this is ridiculous.

    • Thank you Sahil. I think this will be a simple story, one we have seen so many times before too. Mehwish will leave Danish for Shahwar, regret it later but it’ll be too late because Danish would have moved on by then…Hira Mani to the rescue, I am guessing.

  • Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed make sure that we enjoy the show inspite of the age old story which wont surprise us atleast in a few upcoming episodes. HS is for sure is and looking too old for the role, still his excellent performance makes us ignore that, his expressions while observing Adnan were excellent. I m not liking the fact that they have made the heroine too negative, atleast they should have shown us what promises were made by husband and why is she so disappointed in life, I didn’t like the fact that she was instantly attracted to Adnan, I don’t thing he needs to put in more efforts. Her character is v similar to Sana Javed’s character in Zara Yaad kar. Ayeza khan ia slo acting v well. Adnan has done many negative roles like these, he is being typecast. Also the fact that HS has also selected a wrong path, its not v easy to have sympathy for him too, so at the moment, the show is just average , but entertaining due to the star power only.

    • I think that the director has done everything in his power to make this show as realistic as possible and the production values are great too. The leading actors are doing their parts well but I don’t really like Mehr Bano in this role.

  • Thank you for the review! I have the same notion that story is not new & Humayun Saeed’s pappo looks & innocence is not cutting it for me. I mostly am drawn to the corruption aspect of the story. How an honest man can forget his values & dives into haram to please his wife. He’s not shown remorseful at all when he’s says, Abba ki qabar ko laat mar di hai”. He’s okay with it himself too.
    A government officer’s wife who is sponging for every penny shouldn’t be all dolled up all the time. I can speak for myself that I don’t put on makeup first thing in the morning. These small details always skip in our dramas. Ayeza Khan is a very good actress & her performance is spot on. Adnan Siddiqui is always a favorite & he’s shown a womanizerβ€” rich & attractive. He’s playing the part well. I can pretty much predict that Mehwish will fall for him coz of her greed & lack of morality.
    First two episodes haven’t really highlighted anything specific. Let’s see how the story unfolds.

    • You’re welcome Guest. Couldn’t relate to Danish not feeling burdened or remorseful – it’s almost as if he doesn’t have a mind of his own and if that is the case then what took him so long to go down that road.

  • Nice review sister Fatima. Spot on. Yes story is very simple and classy. I m glad that i didn’t watch khasara or meray khuwab reza reza. That’s why following it and enjoying it. Dialogues are too good like Laat maarna aur khuwab mein nahin aayengey. Direction is very genuine along with production. Keep it up

  • Excellent review Fatima.
    Don’t think story is copy of earlier plays by a writer of his eminence since Danish going jail on corruption charges for long term. mehwish then realises his importance his love. When KR writes something paints true colors of human behaviours.regretfully Mehwish is best example.

  • The dance scenes look so jarring. As for the story, this could have worked as a decent telefilm adaptation of the Necklace if they had tweaked the story and padded out some scenes and ended it around the middle of the episode.

    There really is nothing exceptional about the play aside from the fact that its well-directed and the hero’s increasing involvement with the corrupt side of his job.

  • After airing two episodes, still I couldn’t feel Khalil ur Rehman Qamar touch/writing, hardly any impressive dialogue. As dialogues can make a simple or old story, more engaging & entertaining

    • Hello Abdullah, how are you doing? There are many, Aangan (HUM), Naqab Zun (Cheekh remake), Yaariyan (Maat remake with a lot of Oh pleasee!! Moments), Cheekh, Koi Chand Rakh, Mere Humdum, Romeo Weds Heer.

  • I really like your reviews.

    However, I would like to point the usage of the word “Modern”.

    “The Modern Friend”

    Westernisation should not be mistaken for modernisation.

    This is when we see our people take up vices to become “Modern”.

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