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Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s Wedding Pictures!

British Boxer with Pakistani Nationality, Amir Khan is lately known not for his phenomenal performance in the ring but for his wedding ceremony that was held on June 1st, 2013, that is, this Saturday. Though living in Bolton City, UK, Amir’s wedding ceremony was held at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York and now the reception would soon be conducted once they get back to their home place, which is probably, the next week.

We did share a good collection of their engagement pictures which took place back in January 2012 and since then the couple is known for how great they look with each other and have been seen complementing each other on different occasions.

Keeping a deep notice of the hype been created by his fans on different social networking sites, it was HELLO magazine that found the occasion important to be covered and hence, will be releasing the wedding pictures in the upcoming reveal of the magazine, as tweeted by Faryal Makhdoon, Amir’s bride.

Here are a few clicks of the most important day of the couple!


The Couple


Amir Preparing a dance for ceremony with his cousins and friends


Amir’s Mehndi Ceremony


Wedding Ceremony


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Amir’s home in Bolton. UK

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For more pictures, Follow HELLO! magazine!
hello magazine

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We wish the couple heartiest blessings on this new beginning of their lives,

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi 

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