Did You Know The Price of Ayeza Khan Dress in MPTH?

Meray Pass Tum Ho is one of the trending dramas of this time. It is the most-watched and loved the drama of the season for its actors, dialogues, and slap scene. We all should take a moment to appreciate Mehwish’s character for taking this drama to high standards. 

Ayeza Khan 24

We all know that Ayeza Khan is a talented actress of Pakistan showbiz. She has played versatile roles in several Urdu dramas and won the hearts of millions of her fans. In the drama, Ayeza looks stunningly beautiful in all her scenes. Either it’s western dresses or eastern attire, everything suits her personality.

Ayeza Khan 25 

In the latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho, Ayeza Khan wore a bridal dress by Zainab Chottani. The dress was perfect, and it became the talk of the town. Well, the interesting part is,  the dress cost 1 Million Rupees with only the lehenga cost over Rs. 6.5 Lacs. 

Ayeza Khan 26

After all, the dress was featured in the most-watched drama of the season and by the most demanding actress, Ayeza Khan. Check out the beauty of the bridal dress. 


Ayeza 0

Ayeza 1


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  • Well what about the necklace and earrings those were also beautiful. I wonder how many people can afford it.

    • It’s totally splurge to spend this heavy amount for a single dress that has to be worn once in life. Mostly brides do not wear their bridal dress on other occasions.

  • I think it’s really daft to spend that much on a dress to never wear it again, but the actress is beautiful ma’sha’allah and it suited her soo much, I think she should put it in a auction and see how they will get it for 😜

  • 6 lac v small for Ayza Khan. She deserves a lot bcz she’s “AYEZA KHAN”. I m big fan of her. Allah always bless her n her sweet family Ameen. Allah keep away from evil eyes Ameen.

  • hahahaha ayeza khan ko itna sar pe uthaya hua h copy cat of kareena….pehle isko bolo kareena ki copy krna chor k apne style diya kre…

  • I think a lot has already happend to the poor public of this country … Please have mercy on 99% population of the country and don’t spoil the girls belonging to that 99% by showing’em such costly dresses .. it will certainly give them depression and inferiority complex … to date people were satisfying their daughters by saying “oho baita yeh sab tou artificial hota hai” but now … since you people yourself telling the prices n all that “tou kaisay chalay ga” … Please think a 1000 times before sharing such information.

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