Bridal Shower Pictures of Maya Ali Sister in Law Nosha Afnan

A new fad of recent times “Bridal Shower”. Bridal shower is a new western trend that is now becoming a major part of wedding festivities in Pakistan as well. Maya Ali’s brother Afnan Qureshi is getting married and along other wedding functions his wife to be Nosha has recently celebrated her Bridal Shower and followed the leading vogue. Bridal shower is a function that is celebrated in west where bride spends some quality time with her girls squad apart from all the wedding chaos. Here we have pictures from the Bridal shower of Nosha Qureshi:

Afnan Qureshi and Nosha Afnan posing together for a picture.

Her we have pictures from the brides house where the bedroom of Nosha Afnan is decorated according to the event.

Nosha Afnan flaunting her bride-dom.

“Princess feels.” wrote Nosha Afnan while posing for a picture.

Nosha Afnan is looking ravishing in this baby pink coloured gown with silver details on it.

Details from the Bridal shower of Nosha Afnan.

We wish Afnan Qureshi and Nosha Afnan a very best of luck as they are starting a new journey of their life. Share your thoughts about these images from the bridal shower of Nosha Afnan in comments section!

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