Reunion Of Saad And Shahzain

Ehd-e-Wafa drama is going on trending these days. Weekends are more exciting now as crazy fans wait for the whole week to pass by to watch their favorite drama that gets aired on the television screen. 

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Saad, Shahzain, Shariq, and Shehreyar are a great example of true friendship. They fought with or against each other, misunderstandings were created, revenge is considered the only solution to every problem.

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Saad and Shahzain were best friends during the beginning, but then, unfortunately, things got out of hand. A huge misunderstanding separated two loyal friends, and the urge for revenge was high. Shahzain was not ready to clarify himself while Saad wasn’t ready to hear anything. 

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As the year passed by, both realized their mistake and then cleared all doubts. They Talked! They listened! Apologized for the silly mistakes they made to hurt each other. Shahzain and Saad have reunited once again. 

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Let’s wait for the next episode to see SSG back in action. 

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Because just sharing an excerpt wouldn't do this scene justice. One of my favorite moments of episode 21, in an episode chock-full of them. This was a long time coming, and I'm so happy our reunion resonated with so many of you. The bromance thrives! One of my personal favorite moments in this scene is right at the start, where Saad claims Shahzain hasn't changed at all. There's so much subtext in the pause before Shahzain's response. Ahad @ahadrazamir, you were so consistently excellent here. It truly felt like two estranged brothers picking up the pieces of a fractured relationship, unsure of what to do with them at first. Every nuance was portrayed so beautifully. I'm so glad I got to share this scene with you. Saad & Shahzain finally come full circle. I can't end this without talking about @ahmedaliakbarofficial's brilliance in this episode. His scenes with Firdaus saab (what an actor) and Khursheed (@mhunbal, I'll say it again: your crying broke my heart) were a joy to watch. So proud of you, meri jaan. And @wahaj.official's resilience while tackling land mafia and the way he's embodied the headstrong journalist… what a great episode for the SSG. Thank you, @saife_hasan, for your impeccable direction and for allowing us to truly get under the skin of our characters, and Mustafa bhai for your foresight and handling of each of our arcs. #emobi out.

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