Bushra Ansari Beautifully Explains How Islam Empowers Women

Bushra Ansari is a multi-talented Pakistani celebrity, she is loved for her acting, writing and hosting abilities. Her comic prowess also garners immense praise from her fans. Recently, her portrayal as Maa Begum in the most popular drama serial “Tere Bin” has taken center stage, she has earned a huge admiration for her character’s persona and attire. Bushra Ansari says that she loved the respect, love and fame which she got through her notable projects especially Barat Series and Tere Bin.

Bushra Ansari Beautifully Explains How Islam Empowers Women

Lately, Bushra Ansari appeared in The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Choudary. In the show, Bushra Ansari revealed that she used her right to divorce which was given to her by her father at the time of Nikah. She says that the right to divorce doesn’t mean that the ladies can divorce their husbands but it means that they can take divorce without condition only if they are granted this right at the time of marriage , that too with the consent of husband’s family.

Bushra Ansari Beautifully Explains How Islam Empowers Women

Bushra Ansari further added, “Once you are granted the right to divorce, you can get divorce without any condition related to kids and money. I had this right but I didn’t use it, it took me 36 years to use this, obviously, it is not a cheerful thing, it is very sad situation for women”. She also said that Islam has empowred women generously, all they have to do is to sit at home like a princess. Watch the video here:

Bushra Ansari also gave three useful tips to women. Talking about it, Bushra Ansari said, “Women should first stop others to insult them. Even, the students should not allow anyone to disrespect them. Stop people to insult you. Another thing which women should do is to be productive and they should not only do the house chores, they must work hard in life. Women should be very decsiplined active andefficient in work”.


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