Celebrities React On Banning Churails

Churails has been banned for viewing in Pakistan which was released on Indian platform Zee5. The web series has been banned after a short clip went viral in which Hina Bayat is talking about her struggles to get a job. In the video, she said that she had to give two hand jobs to get a job and then getting promotion.

Celebrities React On Banning Churails

After this, Twitter was exploding with different opinions some were saying that it shows the reality of our society while others believed that it is a vulgar show and promotes obscenity.

Celebrities React On Banning Churails

Now the series has been removed and people are reacting to it. Pakistani celebrities are showing their anger on the banning culture while some celebrities believe that it was the right decision.

Celebrities React On Banning Churails

Director Asim Abbasi is highly disappointed as Churails is applauded internationally but in our own country, it has been banned.

Many stars including Sanam Saeed, Mansha Pasha, Osman Khalid Butt, Zhalay Sarhadi came forward to raise their voice against banning Churails.

On the other hand, Eshal Fayyaz and Mishi Khan spoke in favour of banning Churails and according to them it promotes vulgarity.

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