Celebrities Slammed Khalil-ur-Rehman For His Problematic Views

Khalil-ur-Rehman is a renowned writer and director. In a recent interview, he shared his views about women. He talked about how he considers those women as pious who are loyal to their husbands or else they are not women. He kept on sharing his misogynistic views and said women should rape men if they want equality.

Celebrities Slammed Khalil-ur-Rehman For His Problematic ViewsHis interview sparked great controversy and many people condemned his views. People even questioned ‘how can such a man write dramas for us which is absolutely cancer for our society.’

Many celebrities came out and shared their opinion on his views. Let’s checkout!

Meesha Shafi questioned how many people in the industry will stand against him?

Jami Moor shared that the industry is filled with these kinds of people. Darkness is fed openly by creeps!

Osman Khalid Butt also came forward and slammed Khalil-ur-Rehman for his views.

Ali Gul Pir also stood up against Khalil-ur-Rehman.

Iffat Omar wants Qamar to apologize to women for insulting them.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • I was die hard fan of KRQ till last min but now i hate him from core of my heart…Is he the same person who has written Sadqy Jaaaon?????🧐💔!Pathetic!

  • As a woman, I side with Mr. Kahlil ur Rehman. I am sorry but freedom of speech gives us the right to express our own opinion and why wouldn’t we express them? As Miss Meesha Shaafi expressed her “opinion” (about Ali Z.) on social media, in that way Mr. Khalil has the right to express his opinion on whatever.

    • With all due respect, there’s a difference between ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘hate speech.’ And it is pretty obvious that KRQ is doing the latter here. Freedom of speech is justified so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in the society, but the video makes it abhorrently clear that KRQ is targeting an entire gender in his speech. And as far as Meesha Shafi is concerned, the two issues cannot be compared because Meesha was coming out with her harassment story and it is her right to speak out against harassment (whether it occurred or not is not the matter at hand) whereas KRQ is seen literally saying that ‘women should gang rape men to achieve equality.’ Hope that clears some things out!

      • First of all media and other people took his words out of context as if they were looking for some hot topics for discussion. Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth but this is the truth that there is a difference between getting ur rights or getting parts of ur rights. If we keep religion aside, medical science has proven that there r big differences in man and women and their behaviors. It means that they r not the same.

      • His point about women that they should go ahead and do the things that men do but then the whole system and culture will collapse. This argument is just put out in a straightforward way which is very hard to digest(for some people) but it is the bitter truth. women do have the ability to make or break a society.

        • The fact that you think being different genders merits inequality shows you dont understand sciences or being human. Human is one race, whether you are female, male, transgender or whatever. So irrespective of gender differences you are still equal. No medical study or science will support your personal misogynistic views that women are allegedly inferior, or responsible for breaking up societies. Even islam is clear that men too are equally responsible and accountable for their actions. There is no free pass for menmust just because Pakistani misogynistic and patriarchal culture and society treats men as superior and irresponsible children.with no self control oe integrity. Biological or anatomical differences does not render either gender superior over the other. No such study exists. Stop making things up. Just because you are a female does not mean you cant be a misogynist like the writer. Just like men can be feminists or just pro human rights and pro gender equality.

    • You are right, he does indeed have freedom of speech, which he has exercised. Others also have freedom of speech to tell him what an ar$e he is. I for one am glad his views are out in the open, it’s opened discussion and quite rightly condemnation.

      I hope he learns from it.

      P.S. If freedom of speech was a thing in Pakistan then people would not be arrested under the blasphemy law which a lot of people use falsely.

    • You clearly don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech. Do you honestly think it is absolute ans without limits? Let me educate you. Freeeom of speech doesn’t exist in Pakistan as you think it does. Thats why we have defamation laws, blasphemy laws and censorship board like PEMRA. Your speech is not unlimited even outside Pakistan but always subject to local laws and limitations. So when you incite hate towards 50% of the population it is not freedom of speech. Its inciting intolerance of women and possibly violence against men with the women should rape men comment. Also comparing this to alleged sexual harassment victims coming forward is like comparing apples and oranges. His words were not taken of context. He is a misogynist and so are you. Common in our country.

  • I can’t believe it is this same renowned KRQ having written so many hit TV shows. This is exactly what’s wrong with Pakistan. His mindset is problematic, Disgusting and dangerous for society.

    I really hope there are consequences for his hate speech. KRQ deserves way more backlash from the industry (producers/directors) than he is currently getting just because he is popular. I thought Pak TV industry was progressive and actually respected women…tsk tsk

  • KRQ has been recycling his plays now for years. Even dialogues are the same as pointed out by people who have been closely following his work. Even his expressions(kameena, thum ke raho being a few examples ) have been overused. And then there is the element of extramarital affairs whether in sadkay or tu dil ka kia hooa.

  • Unfortunately, the feminists and the so called “victims” of Metoo, don’t represent our women. You are only “entertainers”, not more than that.

    • Fortunately, you don’t represent the feminists, #MeToo victims, or Pakistani women. Your opinion is just that..an opinion.These “entertainers” have more humanity in them than you self-proclaimed pious people.

  • This writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is a pshycopath. He only sees a woman as a sexual item who can be bought.
    Infact he has destroyed so many homes by having illegal affairs with people’s wives by using his dirty tricks. later he ran away to his own family leaving other women vulnerable and alone with his newborn child.

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