Celebrities Spotted With Tinted Faces

Instagram has now became an insight of lives of prominent personalities who do not hesitate to share their thoughts and personal moments with the public .Thus, we can now keep a track of all informal activities of our stars too. Recently many of our favorite celebrities have posted their pictures wearing a black mud mask and they are way too casual. They are bold enough to share their tinted faces with the fans while they wear a black beauty mask. Lets have a look on the pictures below:

Urwa Hocane with her husband Farhan Saeed wearing a black mud mask.

Mawra has posted a short video on Instagram in which she is wearing a mud mask.


Urwa has also posted a picture of her sister Mawra where she is again spotted wearing a black mud mask.

Momina Mustehsan looks bored while she wears a black beauty mask.

Sanam Chaudhdry and her friends were also spotted wearing a black mud mask.

Ayesha Omair

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