Celebrities Supporting Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Song Is Shocking

In July, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima Sohail had alleged that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of the actor. She posted on Facebook saying the incidents started from November last year when she claimed, she found Haider to be cheating on her. Abbas denied all the allegations from his wife. Later the couple parted their ways.

Celebrities Supporting Mohsin Abbas Haider's Song Is ShockingIt’s quite shocking to see that our society and especially the influential people support abusers. Recently, Mohsin Abbas Haider announced that he is making a comeback with his brand new song ‘Rooh’. Many celebrities came forward and supported him.

Celebrities Supporting Mohsin Abbas Haider's Song Is ShockingMany celebrities including; Humayun Saeed, Abrar Ul Haq,ย  Nauman Ijaz, Nimra Khan, Nausheen Shah, Faakhir Mehmood, Noor Hassan, Amanat Ali, Sohail Haider and many more.

Here are some of the supporting messages from celebrities:

This is extremely shocking that our very own celebrities are supporting an abuser. On the one hand, we appreciate women who come out of abusive relationships while on the other hand, we support abusers.


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  • well to be fair it doesnโ€™t seem like all is black and white here anyways I think before labelling someone as an abuser or whatever we must make sure that we are aware the extent of our allegations as they can destroy someoneโ€™s life, a perfect example is the Ali Zafar and meesha shafi vase where the accuser couldnโ€™t support her argument and her allegations were baseless but yet due to this the accused had to suffer. Donโ€™t base your judgements on here say wait for the verdict of the court

  • Although its proved that he threatened his wife that doesn’t say that all the allegations are correct. Even if they are we all as human beings strongly condemn it but ask yourself even if he beats the punishment for what he has done will you all allow him to carry on his career. No you’ll just call him abuser and drag his domestic life into his career. You’ll drag his doings as a husband into his work as a singer. Masaley k liye Kia Kia Karo gey. Kashmir aur rape victims par to itni speed se ap logon k articles Nahi likhey jatey.

  • Abuse any gender in any cause is not right BUT ruined someone’s career that he/she earn hard way is not fair to that individual. i don’t want to say but his ex is taking all the advantages but time will prove. I admire his work and respect his struggle and hard work.

  • She couldn’t prove it. We all remember what happened with Ali Zafar and he fought back. So yes we do have to support those who we assume are guilty until they are proven guilty. We have to break stereotypes and that goes both ways.

  • Because the girl said so… mind he is still accused not proven guilty. He’s not an abuser just because his wife claimed he is. He might also be used as an step to gain fame in the industry, I mean who knew Fatima Sohail before this drama and all of a sudden she’s getting work in industry..

  • Either he abused his wife or he didnโ€™t. He is either a liar or not. I believe he is an abuser this is my personal view and I wouldnโ€™t support an abuser in any way. People can also believe that he is innocent and support him, thats also fair. But itโ€™s surprising that some people believe that there might be some truth in allegations and still its ok to support him ( may be if he had shown some remorse but he hadnโ€™t)…

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