Someone Threw A Shoe At Asim Azhar During His Concert

We all know who Asim Azhar is. Besides being a single son of Gule Rana, Asim is a proud Pakistani singer. He started his career as a YouTuber and then became a public figure by recording a song on Coke Studio. 

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Asim is in an open relationship with Hania Amir. The duo looks perfect together. They attended the Hum Awards and many other events together. 

Asim Azhars Songs Will Not Be Released Due To Indo Pak Tensions 5

The two very famous advertisements of Pakistan, Dairy Milk, and Cocomo ads were sung by Asim Azhar at a very young age. Nowadays, Asim is busy doing live concerts for his wonderful fans.

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While singing on the stage, someone threw a shoe at Asim Azhar. The video went viral over the internet, and his fans expressed anger on social media. 

Asim Azhars Songs Will Not Be Released Due To Indo Pak Tensions 1

We should respect our celebrities as they are working hard to make Pakistan proud. Tell us what do you guys think of the story in the comments section below. 


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  • It seems that a dark horse has not spart of decency who has thrown a shoe on one of the melodious singer of Pakistan. Please strictly look over this dark horse. One of the premier singer of Pakistan ASIM Azhar Pakistan hats him off. We Pakistani strictly condemned such an unbearable act.
    The Marvellous singer has attributed his fans with beautiful songs. Love You❤ carry on ASIM AZHAR toiling…!

    • yes! that little piece of shit shouldn’t have had come at the concert in the first place. but i wonder how much the amount of his hatred and envy would be which compelled him to pay 2k or 3k for the concert ticket just to get there and throw a shoe at him…such a retard…

  • Not good news at all.Asim Azhar is a melodious singer.He is young talent of Pakistans music industry.We should respect our artists.And especially he should be respected because he really deserves respect.

  • extremely pathetic behavior, the person who did this didn’t caused any harm to Asim as we love & adore him more by the piece of gratitude he showed by still standing there & continuing his performance, rather than throwing the shoe back at that shitty piece of disappointment out there.
    This stupid act only shows that shitty person’s own limited education & shameful upbringing.

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