Celebrities Take A Stand For The Government Airing Ertugrul on PTV

Turkish dramas airing in Pakistan is nothing odd. Nor is it a new feat. Pakistan started airing Turkish dramas about a decade ago and they became all the rage then too. Ishq E Mamnoon was a big hit and it started of a chain reaction of sorts where one Turkish drama after another was dubbed in Urdu and aired on popular channel.

ishq e mamnoon
ishq e mamnoon

In fact if Pakistani drama industry has had a strong rival after Indian soaps, it has to be Turkish dramas, that brought about a strong storyline and rather engaging cast. A number of celebrities spoke out back when Ishq E Mamnoon aired.

““I don’t want to see a future where I am going to do voice acting on someone else’s face; that is simply outrageous,” Humayun Saeed had said back then.

Turkish dramas

Now, ever since another Turkish series, Ertugrul started airing on PTV, a lot of celebrities have again called out the Pakistani government for airing foreign content and not supporting their own. Yasir Hussain, Shaan Shahid, Reeman and others have voiced their opinions strongly against the airing of Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV.

However, a number of celebrities have appreciated the government’s stance, stating how cultural exchange through content is a commendable feat.

Here’s what Pakistan’s top celebrities have been saying while supporting the airing of Turkish content on Pakistan’s state run television;




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