Shahid Afridi Roasts Indians: Calls Out Modi & IAF

Recently a video of Shahid Afridi’s went viral. The video showed Pakistan’s favorite cricket player, Lala, roasting Indians during an event in Azad Kashmir. Lala went on to state that Modi (the Indian PM) had a mind more infectious than the coronavirus. Afridi also roasted the Indian Air Force, calling Abhinandan and the rest of the IAF officers *choozay*ย (chicks) whom Pakistan had treated well in the sky, offered them tea and then sent them back.

Following Lala’s comments, the entire neighboring nation went on fire, and a number of cricketers also called out Afridi for pointing out Modi.

However, following Afridi’s comments, the cricketer has been trending on top in Pakistan. Pakistanis have been calling Afridi a lion and a brave heart to have commented on Modi’s school of thoughts. Twitter had been lauding Afridi and the comments are absolutely hilarious when it comes to roasting Indians.

Here’s what the entire Twitter has been saying;


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