Celebrities Urge People To Stay Positive During The Lockdown

We’ve been in an emergecny situation since the breakout of coronavirus in Pakistan. The very contagious virus has already killed 25 people and affected 1825 people in the country. While everyone is suffering from the lockdown and keeping at home, there is a general feeling of dullness and gloom everywhere around.

It is in times like these that our celebrities have stepped forward and are spreading positivity around. These celebs have been urging people to not only sta calm but also be strong in the face of the adversary.

Here’s what everyone is saying;

Everything gets better, wrote Hira Mani

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Covid 19 Everything will gets better

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Maya Ali requested everyone to be calm.

This too, shall pass, says Sonya Hussyn.

Sana Javed asks everyone to stay positive and keep smiling

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This too shall pass . Stay positive and keep smiling 😁

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We’ll get through this together says Umair Jaswal

There is light after darkness wrote Hareem

Everything will be fine soon, said Hina Altaf

This is a true test of our compassion, said Atif Aslam

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For full video https://youtu.be/n5fFD3au97o I am aware that we are living in what is perhaps the most confusing and uncertain time of our lives, but let’s take a moment to thank all those heroes who are ensuring our safety right now. Thank you to the paramedics, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are tirelessly and fearlessly working at the frontline of this crisis, risking their own health every second. Thank you to the cleaners whose work is literally saving lives everywhere around the world. Thank you to those producing, delivering, and selling food during times when their job is the most demanding it has ever been. Thank you to the government and official authorities who are faced with some of the most challenging decisions in these unprecedented times. They have to make choices – about situations no one in the world is sure about – knowing the entire responsibility of the consequences lies on their shoulders. Thank you to the army for helping maintain order and discipline in this time of panic and chaos, and for always ensuring the best of the country. And thank you to every single person who is paying heed to the given directives: staying inside their home, being hygienic, staying calm, and responsibly playing their role in fighting this pandemic. Most importantly, This is a true test of our compassion. We should be thankful to Allah for every blessing that we have. Be kind and generous to those around you and look after those who have been hit the hardest by this crisis. #atifaslam #aadeez #doctors #ispr #rangers #nurses #healthstaff #staysafe #covid19 #coronavirus #stayhome

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