Celebrities Who Are Performing Hajj This Year

The nation we live in is a Muslim country where about 85% of the population is comprised of Muslim citizens. Whoever, when it comes to the media industry of Pakistan, celebrities are not only focusing on their career or worldly wealth but are also aware of their duties as a Muslim. 

We love their acting, love their personality and no doubt we appreciate everything celebrities do and when it comes to performing holy obligations like Umrah and Hajj, we admire them even more as they stay connected to their religious side. This year, many celebrities got the opportunity to perform Umrah with their families and shared their most beautiful days with their fans through social media. 

Many of our favorite celebrities shared the good news of being blessed to perform hajj this year. 

Feroze Khan: 

Humaima Malik, sister of Feroze Khan, shared his picture and informed her fans that her brother is going for hajj. She asked everyone to pray for him to have a safe and sound journey.

Ayeza and Danish Taimoor: 

The couple is going to perform hajj this year but their kids will stay here with their family. Hope Allah fulfill their all wishes that are in their favor. 

Atif Aslam: 

Atif Aslam left to perform Hajj this year. He posted on his social media account that he will be leaving for the most important and beautiful journey of his life. He asked his fans, friends and family members to forgive him and remember him in their prayers. 

Rubina Ashraf: 

Rubina Ashraf has arrived at the Holy place ’Kaaba’ to perform the religious pilgrimage of hajj. 

May Allah give us this opportunity to perform hajj.


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