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Premier of Superstar happening justnow

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Screenshot 20190807 010959 1Screenshot 20190807 010945The premiere of Momina Duraid ‘s production
Superstar is just happening now.Sajal ali, Ahad Raza mir, Sunita Marshal, hassan Ahmad, Urwa, Farhan, Asim Azhar, Azan Sami Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar and many more are attending the premiere, Mahira khan says to media she is happy and a bit scared about how it goes but she say I hope all the hardwork we did pays off, by the Grace of Allah as Allah doesn’t waste any hard work or effort.All the fraternity seems excited about film as in pakistan there are only few big budget movies that get release and this eid three movies are releasing simultaneously.
We hope and pray it goes good for our industry. Screenshot 20190806 232819 1 Screenshot 20190806 232807 Screenshot 20190806 232751