Celebrities Who Wished Hamza And Naimal On Their Nikkah

So there is an addition to another wedding this year. Hamza and Naimal tied the knot yesterday in a beautiful Nikkah ceremony where all their close friends and family members were invited. Everyone is so happy to see them together.

The couple seems to be happy about getting married. The excitement on their faces has won the hearts of their fans. We can’t keep our eyes off them. 

Celebrities are really happy the marriage. They congratulated them so much that both actors became social media trends. 

Here are some some friends who attended and wished Hamza and Naimal for their wedding. 

Hamza Naimal5

Hamza naimal0

Hamza naimal7

Hamza naimal8

Hamza naimal9

Hamza naimal6

Hamza naimal2

Hamza naimal3

Hamza Naimal

Hamza naimal1


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